Material Handling Equipment Rentals in Alabama & the Florida Panhandle

Material handling equipment offers versatility in warehouses and on the field. When you need critical machines like telehandlers and forklifts, you can trust Thompson Rents —the Thompson Tractor branch of The Cat® Rental Store — to provide them.

Work Efficiently With Material Handling Equipment Rentals in Alabama

When you have material handling jobs to do, you need equipment to match. At Thompson Rents, we carry a selection of material-handling rental equipment to keep you productive in the warehouse and at the worksite. You can come to us for:

  • Pallet jack: A pallet jack is a manual forklift that can transport small palletized loads. This equipment is ideal for short-distance applications like warehouses and truck trailers. The operator pumps the handle to lift and lower the load and turns it to steer the load during maneuvering.
  • Telehandlers: A telehandler combines a forklift's handling with a crane's reach. If you need to move and place loads at great heights, telehandlers are the right choice. We carry various capacities and operating weights for jobs of all sizes and compact models to navigate cramped worksites.

With pallet jacks for maneuvering loads and telehandlers for reaching heights, you can manage various materials with ease. To ensure your rental meets your performance standards, we maintain our machines on-site for functionality and efficiency on the job. 

The Benefits of Material Handling Rentals

Renting a telehandler instead of buying a new machine offers several advantages for your business. With a rental, your company can:

  • Stay flexible: Rentals provide equipment on a temporary basis, so you can get the machinery you need to meet project specs. Rentals also keep you flexible by replacing equipment you own while it's in the shop for maintenance or repairs.
  • Save money: By renting equipment, your company can eliminate repair costs. Thompson Rents will take care of maintenance on your behalf. Your company can also reduce disposal costs since you won't have a depreciating asset.
  • Access new technology: Our rental equipment includes newer models with the latest technology. These features can help you work more efficiently and make tasks easier.

When Should You Rent Material Handling Equipment?

While buying your equipment supports your fleet's long-term growth, renting offers a temporary solution when you need it. Renting your material handling equipment is ideal when you need to:

  • Stay within budget: New equipment can be valuable, but it also requires high costs upfront and over time. If you're not prepared for that financial commitment, renting allows you to spend money on machines as you need them.
  • Meet productivity demands: During busy days or weeks, adding extra machines to your fleet can help you stay on schedule. You'll maintain productivity, and your team will appreciate the extra help.
  • Replace a machine: If you rely on material handling machines regularly, sending one to the shop may affect efficiency. Rent your missing device during repairs to continue meeting your goals on the job.

Trust Our Team's Expert Guidance and Support

At Thompson Rents, we'll ensure you have an excellent rental experience. We can guide you through our available models to find the right one for your application, and we'll create a contract that meets your time and budget constraints. We provide daily, weekly, and monthly rates to make contract customization simple.

If you need transportation to your worksite, we can get your equipment where it needs to be. When your contract begins, you can come to us for maintenance at no extra charge. With Thompson Tractor and The Cat Rental Store, renting works on your terms.

Contact Us for Material Handling Equipment Rentals in Alabama and Florida

You can explore our available items online or visit us in-store. Thompson Rents has locations in Alabama and Florida to make our equipment accessible to your business. If you want more information, give us a call at 1-205-664-9489 or fill out our quote form today.