Earthmoving Equipment for Rent

Earthmoving equipment has a big job to do and clears the way for many other tasks in industries like construction, agriculture and mining. Whether you're looking to augment your fleet for a short time or get a specialized piece of equipment for a task, Foley Rents can help. We carry a wide range of earthmoving equipment throughout New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Staten Island, or Delaware.

The Right Tools for the Job

Many tasks require specialized tools, and sometimes you just need another set of wheels to get the job done. At Foley Rents, we carry a wide range of powerful earthmoving machinery from trusted manufacturers like Caterpillar and other reliable brands to help you get things done right and get them done fast.

Our equipment selection includes:

  • Dozers: Small and medium dozers provide the extra force needed to push loads across the terrain.
  • Articulated trucks: Articulated trucks allow you to move heavy loads over different types of terrain with quick dumping movements.
  • Compact utility equipment: Our compact utility equipment offers easy maneuverability and versatility for a wide range of lifting, material handling and loading tasks.
  • Excavators: For exceptional digging power and lifting capabilities, excavators, available in tracked and wheeled models, can help you meet the needs of many breaking and hole-digging tasks.
  • Loaders: We carry a large selection of loaders so you can select the right combination of power and maneuverability for the job at hand. Configurations include compact track and multi terrainskid steerbackhoetracked and wheeled models.

Why Rent Your Earthmoving Equipment?

Renting equipment can be a great business move. It provides a wide range of benefits for your efficiency and your budget:

  • Fewer costs: Buying equipment involves more costs than just the price tag. Rentals allow you to avoid the costs of storage, maintenance, insurance and repairs.
  • Lower capital expenses: Free up your capital for other endeavors, like expanding the business.
  • Specialized tools: You can get the job done faster and more accurately if you use the right tool. Equipment that's too large, too small or just not appropriate won't be as effective as equipment that's perfectly sized and configured for the task.
  • Modern equipment: As equipment ages, it becomes less trustworthy and more expensive to maintain. Renting gets rid of these issues and helps you maintain high efficiency with reliable tools.
  • More opportunities: No more turning down jobs because you don't have the right equipment for it. Meet your customers' needs with the correct machinery for the job.

Earthmoving Equipment from Foley Rents

At Foley Rents, we've earned ourselves a reputation for trustworthy, high-performing rentals in many areas on the East Coast. Our knowledgeable representatives and experienced technicians help us deliver top-notch service and rental equipment that always performs. We offer flexible scheduling options and will even deliver your earthmoving equipment right to the job site.

Click the links above to view our inventory of earthmoving equipment and see what's available for rent. You can also get a quick quote online or reach out to our Piscataway, NJ team at 888-417-6464 or Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 for more information.