Rental Equipment for Commercial Builders

Building commercial structures can call for a wide range of equipment, from large excavators and bulldozers to small and maneuverable compact track loaders and skid steers. Here at Foley Rents, we offer reliable rental equipment to commercial building clients throughout many parts of the East Coast, including New Jersey, northern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and Staten Island. Whether your job calls for roadwork, paving, land clearing, excavation, landscaping or other commercial tasks, we have the tools to help.

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JLG Self-Leveling Boom Lift


Commercial construction equipment from Foley Rents covers a wide range of machinery, including:

  • Backhoes.
  • Skid steers.
  • Excavators.
  • Track and wheel loaders.
  • Articulated trucks.
  • Telehandlers.
  • Compactors.
  • Bulldozers.
  • Motor graders.
  • Attachments.

In addition to all of this heavy equipment, we carry plenty of auxiliary equipment, such as light towers, generators and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.


From warehouses and bridge erections to office buildings and landscaping, commercial building projects can vary wildly, which is why it's important to get the right kind of tool for every job. Each business is different too, and rentals often fit well into the operations of both small and large commercial construction companies.

When you rent your equipment, you get:

  • Flexibility. By renting your tools, you can take on projects that call for specialized assets that you might not otherwise be able to do. You can also increase the size of your fleet in times of greater demand, such as for particularly large projects or during a busy season. We can accommodate flexible rental periods and help you get your tools when you need them. For example, we can provide an excavator when the land preparation starts and swap it with a motor grader to finish the job.
  • Easier budgeting. For many businesses, fleet management is a difficult undertaking. Renting eliminates some of the most costly parts of fleet management, including maintenance and storage costs. We take care of both of these expenses, so you can focus on the big picture. Plus, rental payments are consistent, so they're easier to plan for and incorporate into your overall budget.
  • Cost savings. If you won't be using a piece of equipment for more than a few months, it usually isn't very cost-effective to buy. Long-term rentals are often a more affordable approach, especially for smaller businesses that don't have the capital for a large investment.
  • Trying before you buy. Not sure about that new excavator you've been eyeing? Give it a try with a rental before you purchase it. You can make sure it fits in well with your exact setup, whether you work with civil construction, residential buildings or corporate facilities.


Rentals can offer all of these advantages. And when you partner with trustworthy rental providers like Foley Rents, you can expect reliable equipment and the flexibility to meet evolving needs. Our rental equipment comes from Caterpillar and other leading brands in the industry and is always well-maintained. We aim to provide our clients with both the equipment and the top-tier support to do more. Give our Piscataway, NJ team a call at 888-417-6464 or our Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 for more information or get a quick quote online.

Get in touch with a representative to schedule a rental at a time that works for you. We can even deliver equipment to your job site if needed. Click the links above to learn more about our commercial construction equipment, and request a quote online or reach out to our Piscataway, NJ team at 888-417-6464 or Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850.

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