Rental Equipment for Educational Facilities

Educational facilities create a safe and comfortable environment for teachers, students and staff. To maintain them properly, you need access to the right equipment to handle indoor and outdoor jobs. Rentals give your facility access to equipment to supplement your inventory after a breakdown or for a one-off project.

Foley Rents has a wide range of high-quality rental equipment for your campus. Our rental locations serve facilities across Staten Island, eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware and New Jersey.

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Our Campus Maintenance Equipment Rentals

College campuses and other educational facilities have large indoor and outdoor spaces requiring an extensive fleet of equipment. We have rental tools to supplement your fleet wherever necessary. Here are a few tools we offer your institution may need:

  • Sanitation and cleaning: Rent a pressure washer to remove built-up dirt and grime to improve a facility's appearance or consider a ride-on broom to quickly clean up waste.
  • Landscaping equipment: Keep your grounds pristine with equipment rentals to remove debris, like brush chippers and stump cutters.
  • HVAC equipment: Keep facilities warm even during unexpected HVAC loss with forced air heaters. These tools also work well for warming a construction area on your school grounds.
  • Earthmoving machines: When tackling a renovation or adding a new structure, rent Cat® construction equipment to move earth and prepare the building site.
  • Roadwork equipment: Direct students around road construction areas using construction signs that denote parking lots or campus roads.
  • Stormwater systems: We rent and sell a variety of pumps including diaphragm, submersible and trash pumps.  Let us consult with you on dewatering or wastewater applications anywhere you want to prevent flooding and damage.
  • Vertical lifts: Vertical lifts are ideal aerial equipment rentals for use in narrow spaces and congested work environments.
  • Power tools: Rent a pressure washer to remove built-up dirt and grime to improve a facility's appearance. We also provide portable air compressors to use with power tools like drills and hammers.

Benefits of Renting Campus Maintenance Equipment

Educational facilities maintenance requires many types of equipment, from earthmovers for construction to brush chippers for clearing the landscape — but you may not need those resources all the time. Renting provides a cost-effective and flexible solution to supplement your fleet. Rentals let you avoid a significant investment by providing a flexible payment structure. You also leave the equipment maintenance to your rental provider, preserving your budget and ensuring compliance with safety guidelines to keep students and staff safe.

With a rental, you preserve precious storage space for the equipment you need and use daily at your educational institution. Simply return a rental when you're done using it to keep your fleet lean and your expenses low. Rentals also offer the convenience of equipment access with minimal waiting time.

Why Choose Foley Rents?

At Foley Rents, our mission is to equip your operation with innovative solutions that build and power the future. We prioritize core values like trust, communication and excellence to give your educational facility what it needs to create an environment where students and teachers thrive. Here are a few benefits we offer to rental clients:

  • Experience selling rental equipment in the local area since 1957
  • Multiple locations across Delaware, Pennsylvania and New Jersey for convenient fleet access
  • 24/7 mobile service to avoid costly equipment downtime at your educational facility
  • Flexible rental periods ranging from days to months to suit the unique operations of your campus

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We have a wide range of campus maintenance rental machinery to serve your educational institution. Find the machines you need and request a rental quote for your desired time. To speak to a team member for further assistance, find your nearest Foley Rents location.

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