Rental Equipment for Health Care Facilities

A health care facility is always running and caring for patients, so it can't have extensive downtime. Hospital rental equipment provides access to the necessary machines to keep your operations going. Foley Rents has an extensive equipment supply, including emergency power and HVAC solutions. We also have the expertise to pair you with equipment matching your situation.

We serve health care facilities in Staten Island, northern Delaware, eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Come to us for Cat® equipment and other excellent solutions from top manufacturers. We keep your facility running and give you the tools to manage maintenance tasks.

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Our Health Care Rental Solutions

The first thing your health care facility needs is consistent power. Mobile generator sets give you a power source to get your facility running within minutes after a power outage. These machines will protect your patients and provide peace of mind during a shutdown.

We also provide HVAC rental equipment for hospitals so you can establish a safe temperature in your facilities if you lose power or your system breaks down. This equipment can keep patients and staff comfortable and maintain proper temperatures for vaccines, medications and labs.

Our rental equipment also serves maintenance and construction tasks around your facility. Use aerial lifts for safety and efficiency when working at heights around your building exterior. Air compressors can power various machinery you may need for construction tasks.

Why Rent Health Care Equipment?

Health care equipment rentals can keep your facility running or allow you to accomplish essential maintenance tasks. They provide convenient short-term access to high-quality machines. Here are a few reasons to consider renting equipment for your facility:

  • Rentals offer quick access to fulfill an urgent need, allowing you to keep your facility running in almost any situation.
  • Meet your tight budget requirements with adaptive pricing based on the equipment you rent and your rental period. 
  • Spend more time on essential hospital tasks by leaving equipment maintenance to your rental provider's professional team. 
  • Since you return a rental once you're finished with it, you'll save money on storage, insurance and other ownership costs. 

What Foley Rents Does Differently

We have over 60 years of experience providing equipment from Caterpillar and other top brands across New Jersey, Staten Island, Pennsylvania and Delaware. Our factory-trained team also has extensive expertise in renting out and servicing equipment. When you contact us about equipment rental, we will use your information to match you with the ideal resources.

We aim to give a pleasurable rental experience and keep you coming back to us for all your equipment. To accomplish this, we offer 24/7 rentals and field service so you always have someone to turn to for your requests. Our values include open communication, so we will keep you in the loop throughout the rental process to answer questions or address concerns.

Rent From Us

Foley Rents has several locations for your convenience, including sites in the following cities:

  • Bensalem, PA
  • Hammonton, NJ
  • Bear, DE
  • Piscataway, NJ
  • Whitehall, PA

Stop by your nearest store to view our health care facility equipment rentals or speak to an expert. We can also provide a quick quote online. Let us know the equipment type and rental period, and we'll estimate your rental costs so you can start budgeting.