Equipment and Tool Rentals by Job or Industry

Equipment and Tool Rentals by Job or Industry

Equipment rental solutions are valuable to a wide range of industries. While some organizations turn to rental equipment for occasional needs, other companies count on long-term rentals to help them achieve their goals. Regardless of your team's rental needs, you can find the right machines and tools to support your equipment fleet.

Rental Equipment by Industry

Equipment rental by industry can help you understand just how valuable rental solutions are across organizations. Take a closer look at some of the industries rental equipment can support.


Construction is a broad industry involved in a wide range of projects. From building houses to developing commercial properties, construction teams count on many types of equipment rental solutions to meet their goals. Some of these essential equipment types include:

  • Skid steers: Skid steers are highly versatile machines that can perform a wide range of tasks in the field. These machines are small and easy to maneuver, and they offer many functions, from clearing snow to moving dirt and stone.
  • Excavators: When construction teams need to dig to lay a foundation, excavators are the first machine they turn to. Sizable buckets and articulating arms give operators complete control.
  • Articulated trucks: Dumping and transporting dirt, gravel and other materials plays a significant role in construction projects. Articulated trucks can handle high volumes of materials and offer advanced maneuverability.
  • Bulldozers: From leveling the ground to clearing debris, dozers are another versatile machine that has many jobs on a construction site.
  • Work tool attachments: Attachments can transform the capabilities of machines like skid steers and excavators. Prepare your equipment for specialty jobs with attachments like forks, snowplows and augers.


Infrastructure projects can involve building community areas as well as roads. Teams in this industry rely on tools and machinery that can help them lay roads and create reliable paths from point A to point B. Some equipment types include:

  • Compactors and rollers: When laying pavement for roads, compactors and rollers flatten foundations and finished surfaces to prepare them for use.
  • Concrete tools: Laying concrete is an essential process for infrastructure projects like roads and bridges. Teams can lay smooth and durable roadways with equipment like mixers, concrete buggies and concrete saws.
  • Roadwork equipment: When you're working with roads, you need signage to direct traffic away from your work site. Use message boards and arrow panels to keep the public on the detour.


Landscapers redesign natural areas, like community parks, backyards and more, and they need machines that can help them dig, handle trees and clear areas of debris. While there are many types of landscaping equipment, some common machines and tools include:

  • Brush chippers: When landscaping teams uproot old trees and clean up branches, brush chippers can turn the wood into chips. These wood chips can make an excellent mulch and they make rotted wood easier to dispose of.
  • Stump cutters: Old stumps can stand in the way of a project. Stump cutters help landscaping teams remove them and have a clean slate for the job.
  • Excavators and loaders: Digging and hauling dirt, mulch and stone are significant tasks in the landscaping process. Excavators are ideal tools for digging, while skid steers and compact track loaders can carry materials from the unloading zone to its designated area.
  • Attachments: Many work tool attachments support specific processes in the landscaping industry, like mulchers and stump grinders.
Landscaping Attachments

Emergency Response

Emergency response teams help communities during natural disasters. These teams need to be prepared for excess debris, fallen trees and possible power loss. Some of the necessary tools for this industry include:

  • Earthmoving equipment: Earthmoving machines like dozers, skid steers and backhoes are valuable machines for clearing debris and rebuilding after a natural disaster strikes.
  • Pumps: For hurricanes and floods, pumps allow emergency response teams to dewater areas and protect property.
  • Generators: When the electricity is out, generators can power equipment and provide electricity to other areas that lack it.

Top 3 Reasons to Rent Equipment

Whether you run a small business or a large company, you can benefit from rental equipment. Check out some of the top reasons for renting heavy machinery.

1. Access to New Models

Rental dealers carry some of the newest models on the market. That means your team gets the chance to try some of the latest technology before making a purchasing investment.

Sometimes, you won't know the productivity boost the latest tech can offer until you try it out. Renting allows you to take all the time you need to see the results that the newest models can offer. If you're impressed, you can purchase your next machine with confidence.

2. Keep Up With Your Schedule

From construction to landscaping, schedules change all the time. Some seasons may be slower than others, or you may pick up some additional projects to add to your workload. Regardless of the reason behind your busy schedule, you need an equipment fleet that can keep up. Adding additional machines for the short term can help you meet project demands when they arise.

Rental equipment is also valuable for days when an essential machine is in the shop. Versatile equipment like skid steers and excavators can cause big performance gaps on site if they're not there to do their jobs. During those times, rental equipment will fill in the gaps and keep you on track.

3. Get Equipment Support Throughout Your Rental Term

Alongside high-performance machines, renting gives you access to experts throughout your term. Many rental terms have maintenance and repair built into the contract. This arrangement means you can keep your rental machine running its best, even when it works long days. Some repair services may support on-site visits, which offer more convenience and reduced downtime for your team.

Equipment Rental Solutions From Foley Rents

At Foley Rents, we know how valuable rental equipment is to your organization. We can serve your industry needs with our wide selection of rental options throughout Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Through The Cat® Rental Store, you gain access to flexible rental terms that suit your schedule and budget. Our team is here to guide you to the best solutions for your business. During your rental term, we'll provide the maintenance and repairs you need to stay productive. Browse our rental equipment today.