Light Towers for Rent

On many job sites, the work doesn't end when the sun goes down. Light towers are an essential component of night work, but many contractors and companies don't need them for every job. Rentals make it easy and convenient to get light towers when and where you need them. They reduce costs, improve safety and visibility, and help you maximize working hours.

At Foley Rents, we have rental light towers available at locations in New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Staten Island, and northern Delaware. We make it simple to get these essential elements quickly with flexible rental options.

The Benefits of Renting Light Towers

Renting light towers is an excellent approach to saving money on your projects while better matching your equipment to the task at hand. We carry many light-emitting diode (LED) lights and diesel power sources for long-lasting and safe illumination of your work site. These come from several reliable brands. Make sure your workers get a clear view of their work no matter the time of day.

By renting light towers, you can:

  • Enjoy easier budgeting. Instead of worrying about depreciation, capital costs and the price of maintenance, we provide an easy-to-manage rate for convenience and better money management.
  • Minimize excess costs of ownership. You still pay for the equipment you own even when you're not using it. This comes in the form of storage, maintenance and depreciation. Plus, you may need to conduct repairs from time to time. Renting eliminates all of those costs.
  • Quickly meet growing demands. If more projects come up, you can take them on without worrying about limited access to work lights. Rentals are often available on short notice, and we'll help you maximize the number of jobs you can take on.
  • Match your equipment to the job. You'll need to make sure your light towers offer the right level of illumination for the job. We offer powerful work lights and can help you gauge the need for additional lights, so workers have dependable visibility when work begins.
  • Save capital and use it more efficiently. If investing in capital equipment isn't right for your company, you can save with rentals and instead use that money on the business expenses that will help you grow, like expansions and hiring workers.
  • Try before you buy. Not sure if you need to buy a work light, or want to try one before committing? Rentals are a great way to do so, providing confidence in your purchase.
  • Provide lighting for events. Utilize our portable light towers for events, weddings, outdoor dining, and much more. 

Light Tower Rentals from Foley Rents

Foley Rents has been providing businesses with light tower rentals for years and knows the unique challenges that come with the construction industry. We offer flexible rental options, complete with delivery to your site, to help meet the needs of sudden projects and odd schedules. We also work to make budgeting simple and straightforward, so you can save money through better management.

We carry many different brands of light towers, so reach out today to learn more about our inventory. Give our Piscataway, NJ team a call at 888-417-6464 or our Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 for more information or get a quick quote online.