Material Handling Equipment For Rent

Moving heavy objects is an essential task in many different industries and job sites. Whether you need something small and maneuverable or big and powerful, we can help you get the right equipment for the job. We can also save you money and help you boost efficiency with convenient rental options.

Foley Rents has a wide range of material handling equipment for rent, including telehandlers, available at locations in eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, New Jersey, and Staten Island. Our staff is full of knowledgeable representatives and experienced technicians who offer convenient and reliable services.

Telehandler Rentals

We carry a wide selection of Caterpillar telehandlers in many different configurations.

Part of the reason people like telehandlers is because of their versatility. They move and lift a wide range of materials and are compatible with different attachments. They come in many sizes, and our inventory includes everything from an 11,000-pound machine with 5,500 pounds of load capacity to a 34,361-pound machine with 12,000 pounds of load capacity.

Let us know what your job entails and we'll help you select the right telehandler for the job that provides the best combination of power, price and maneuverability.

Why Rent Material Handling Equipment?

Renting your material handling equipment grants a wide range of benefits, from convenience and profitability to performance and efficiency improvements. You can use them for occasions when you need to augment your fleet, meet specific job demands or try out a new piece of equipment before you buy it.

The advantages of renting telehandlers, and many other types of equipment, include:

  • Easier budgeting: We make things simple with steady rates and flexible scheduling, so you don't have to make complex calculations about depreciation, maintenance and the cost of storage. Rates are easy to work into your budget.
  • Getting the right tool for the job: Using material handling equipment that's too small could mean extra trips or an insufficient load capacity. Equipment that's too big can be tough to maneuver or just plain inefficient. Using the right size can help you ensure your equipment delivers productivity and efficient operating costs.
  • Meeting demands: Rent additional equipment as needed so you can accommodate big projects and busy seasons without permanent capital expenses.
  • Minimizing costs: Owning equipment comes with many additional costs, like storage, maintenance and depreciation. Renting eliminates those concerns for straightforward, cost-effective access to important tools.
  • Confidence before buying: Many equipment buyers choose to try out their equipment before making the investment. Renting allows you to do that and ensure it will fit your needs before you buy.

Material Handling Equipment from Foley Rents

Partnering with Foley Rents ensures that you work with experts. Our knowledgeable sales representatives can help you set up flexible rental arrangements for equipment maintained and repaired by factory-trained technicians. Take advantage of our wide assortment of reliable telehandlers to find a precise fit for your next job.

Click the links above to explore our selection of material handling equipment for rent, or reach out to our Piscataway, NJ team at 888-417-6464 or Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 if you have any questions. You can also request a quick quote online.