Trucks and Trailers for Rent

Trucks and water trailers are vital for many purposes across multiple industries, and Foley Rents has the equipment necessary for yours. We are a leading supplier of trucks and water trailers for rent across the upper East Coast, our territory covering in Staten Island, New Jersey, eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware and Bermuda. Our team can match you with the equipment you need and a rental agreement that makes perfect sense.

The Right Equipment, On-Demand

Whether you're looking for a truck, a water trailer or both, you're in the right place. Our rental fleet includes a selection of trucks and trailers for rent that you can use to get more done, including:

  • Dump trucks: If you have material you need to move down the road or across a job site, you can use a dump truck to do it safely and quickly. Our dump trucks for rent are highway-legal and perfect for transporting dirt, gravel, sand, demolition waste and other loose materials.
  • Water trailers: Water trailers are appropriate for many of the same applications as a water truck but on a smaller scale. Our trailers have 500-gallon tanks and you can attach them to virtually any work truck to tow them wherever they're needed. We have options from multiple brands that will meet your needs.
  • Water trucks: Our on-road water trucks feature high-capacity water tanks and multi-nozzle spreading systems that are suited for use in a range of applications. The most common include moistening soil for dust control, soil compaction and agricultural use. They are maneuverable machines and easy to operate with minimal training.

If you want to get a second opinion before booking a rental truck or water trailer, talk to our team. At Foley Rents, we specialize in providing rentals to customers across multiple industries. Our representatives can help you determine how you can best use our equipment to efficiently and effectively achieve all your goals.

Although we do not rent hauling trailers, Foley Rents is a full sales and service authorized Towmaster dealer. We have the ability to build you any trailer, plus we stock various models for your immediate needs. If you are interested in purchasing a Towmaster trailercontact us today to buy your hauling trailer.

Quality Rentals, Expert Support

When you rent a dump truck, water truck or water trailer from us, you'll get the right recommendation and a whole lot more. Our trucks and trailers for rent are all maintained by expert technicians and ready to work. If you need any service or maintenance, let us know and we'll send someone out to your location right away. We also have hauling trailers for purchase.

You can pick up a rental or request a service call from your local Foley Rents 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Delivery to your location is also available. You can also count on support if you need to change the terms of your original rental agreement to add more time, add other equipment or turn your rental in for another that has different features.

Connect with Your Local Foley Rents

Getting in touch with your nearest Foley Rents is easy, and our team is happy to help whether you're looking to schedule a rental, request a quote or have a few questions. For help over the phone, reach out to our Piscataway, NJ team at 888-417-6464 or Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 for more information..

To schedule a rental, please fill out our quick quote form to let us know what you need.