HVAC Equipment for Rent

Temperatures can get low on the East Coast. When they do, you need to be ready for them if you want to avoid downtime, safety issues and upset workers. Foley Rents provides high-quality HVAC equipment to businesses in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Staten Island. We also offer a range of plumbing equipment to help you manage those parts of the job with ease and no capital investment.

Our HVAC Equipment Rental Selection

Here at Foley Rents, we carry a range of HVAC and plumbing equipment from trusted brands to help you save money and meet the needs of the job:

  • Forced air heaters: Portable forced air heaters bring warmth to various job sites with a mobile solution. They can be used to keep workers warm or provide general climate control for temperature-sensitive tasks.
  • Ground thaw heaters: Hard, frozen ground puts a wrench in many different tasks, like digging, pipelaying and trenching. It can cause costly downtime, schedule delays and difficulty accomplishing the job well. A ground thaw heater can eliminate these problems and help you meet demands even in cold winters.
  • Plumbing: We offer a wide range of plumbing equipment for different parts of the job, like aerial boomsscissor liftspersonnel liftsexcavatorscompactorslight towersair compressorspumps and welders. Everything from digging and welding to lighting the work area can be accomplished with rental equipment.

The Advantages of Renting HVAC and Plumbing Equipment

Heating equipment is an excellent opportunity for reaping the benefits of rental equipment. After all, you'll only use it for a few months out of the year. If you were to buy this equipment, you'd need to maintain and store it for the other months, adding significantly to the total cost of ownership.

Below are some of the ways that renting HVAC and plumbing equipment can benefit your business:

  • Fewer costs in the off-season: Don't spend money to store and maintain your heating equipment when you don't need it in summer, spring and fall. You can also reduce these costs on plumbing equipment, which isn't necessary at every job.
  • Match the equipment to the job site: Trying to use heaters or other equipment that doesn't fit the application is a surefire way to be inefficient. Boost productivity and efficiency by renting equipment that suits the task at hand every time.
  • Try before you buy: Many equipment buyers like to try out a piece of machinery before they commit to a capital investment. We can provide machines for exactly this purpose.
  • Meet expanding needs: Augment your arsenal of tools as needed to meet a growing list of projects.
  • Reduce capital expenses: Increase your cash flow and use that money on other aspects of the business.

The Foley Rents Advantage

When you work with Foley Rents, you work with experienced sales representatives who can help you find and rent the right tools for the job. We offer flexible rental options and always maintain our equipment to high standards. Check out our availability of HVAC and plumbing equipment at the links above, and reach out to our Piscataway, NJ team at 888-417-6464 or Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 for more information. We can also set you up with a quick quote online.