Landscaping Equipment for Rent

Landscaping work requires specific equipment, and it's often the opportune time for a rental, since landscaping tasks vary widely by season. Foley Rents carries a wide range of landscaping equipment to help you meet the needs of your projects and save money along the way. We have several locations in eastern Pennsylvania, northern Delaware, New Jersey, and Staten Island.


We offer flexible rental options for a complete range of powerful, efficient and productive machines from Caterpillar® as well as reliable solutions from other leading brands. From soil preparation, sod installation and earthmoving to snow and ice management and nursery work, we carry models capable of handling a variety of tasks and work environments. We have lots of general-purpose machinery to help with things like earthmoving and material handling for various landscaping tasks. These include equipment like skid steers, backhoes and compact track loaders, which offer maneuverability and power in one package.

For more specific tasks, we offer tools like brush chippers and stump cutters. Brush chippers can make quick work of logs, branches and other wood debris and make them much easier to manage as small woodchips. Stump cutters or grinders utilize high-speed discs with hard teeth to chop a stump into woodchips. Both can help you clear out tough, oddly-shaped brush and turn it into material that's easy to move.


By renting your landscaping equipment, you can find plenty of benefits for your finances, productivity and efficiency:

  • Lower costs: With a rental, you won't need to pay to store your equipment during the off-season, maintain it or buy it in the first place. You can save more capital and spend it on things that will further the business, like expansion or buying more permanent equipment.
  • Equipment that fits the job: Equipment that isn't suited to the task at hand tends to cause inefficiency or provide poor results. Rental equipment allows you to better match your equipment to demands that change with each project, so you can complete the task faster and better.
  • Try before you buy: If you don't want to commit to a piece of equipment before you know how it fits into your operation, rentals are a great way to go.
  • Meet increasing demands: Take on all the projects you want with the ability to quickly scale your fleet. You can add landscaping equipment during busy summer months and cut back on costs in the winter when you don't need it.
  • Modern technology: Take advantage of modern equipment and technologies by renting it from a provider with access to the latest and greatest.
  • Maintenance-free usage: Foley Rents takes care of all the maintenance with the help of thorough, expert technicians. You'll enjoy peace of mind knowing your equipment is well-cared-for and can reduce downtime and repair costs.


Partnering with Foley Rents ensures you work with knowledgeable representatives who can help you arrange flexible rentals as well as experienced technicians who ensure thorough maintenance and repair practices. We deliver reliable service, complete with convenient options for whatever your work entails.

Check out our available rentals above, or reach out to our Piscataway, NJ team at 888-417-6464 or Bensalem, PA team at 215-244-3850 for more information. You can also request a quick quote online.