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Whether you're moving rubble from a construction site or needing to light up the night sky, there's equipment that can enhance every process — but it's not always practical to own a tool for every job. 

Renting equipment is a great way to stay versatile in a competitive market while avoiding repair expenses, insurance premiums and other costs of ownership. With a reliable partner like Holt of California providing equipment rentals for your Yuba City business, you can remain innovative, meet your project goals and work anywhere while staying on schedule.

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We Have Equipment Rentals for Every Project 

Using the appropriate tools for different terrains, locations and project scopes is essential for maximizing efficiency and meeting deadlines. That's why equipment rental dealers offer a wide range of versatile, high-performance machinery and other solutions to suit even the most specialized tasks. 

Renting is a convenient and cost-effective way to secure the tools you need to accomplish your goals. You'll find the following selections and more in the Holt of California Yuba City rental fleet.

Air Equipment 

Whether you need to refill tires or run pneumatic equipment, pressurized air is a valuable resource on a job site. A portable, diesel-powered air compressor rental offers a reliable source at any location, while a stationary compressor is an excellent power source for running high-demand tools. 

Aerial Equipment

Working in tight areas or on high-rise building sites requires versatile lifting solutions. Boom lifts offer flexible height capacities to complete tasks like painting building exteriors, cutting trees, and erecting or repairing scaffoldings. Scissor lifts can help you access numerous areas to handle jobs like repairing a ceiling or hanging signage. 

Power Generation Equipment 

Keep off-grid work sites operational or work through an unexpected outage with power generation solutions. Portable generator sets are towable and run on fuel sources like diesel so you can power up your tools and maintain productivity no matter where you are. 

Concrete Equipment

You need powerful tools to cut through concrete, bricks or other rigid materials on a job site. Rental equipment like a walk-behind concrete saw is an excellent resource when you need to resurface roads or patch concrete safely and efficiently. 

Earthmoving Equipment

With access to earthmoving machinery like bulldozers, skid steer loaders and excavators, you can work on even the toughest ground. Whether you're working on a construction, demolition or landscaping site, loading or excavating equipment will support all your objectives. Holt of California provides an extensive range of earthmoving and construction equipment rentals in Yuba City to support California contractors.

Work Tool Attachment Rentals 

Adapting your equipment to your terrain and project needs can enhance your processes. Holt of California offers many types of attachment rentals to make your fleet more versatile so you can take on specialized jobs. 

Truck and Trailer Rentals

Transport water, working materials and heavy loads anywhere with a range of dump trucks, pick-up trucks and articulated trucks. Choose between vacuum, water truck and trailer rentals for specialized hauling services. 

Explore Yuba City Rental Equipment Options From Holt of California

Get equipment to support all your project goals at Holt of California. We are a leading Cat® equipment dealer serving Yuba City and the greater California region. We offer reliable equipment and attachment solutions to ensure you and your team are prepared for anything.

Contact us online with questions or call 530-755-9972 to learn more about our equipment rentals, or drop by our Yuba City location to discuss your needs in person.

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