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Safety Tips

Holt of California wants to make sure you're safe while on the job. Many variables on the job site can make safety a challenge. But by consistently following simple, yet crucial safety rules, you can take steps to ensure your job site and those around you are safer. Download this PDF to review some general safety tips provided by Caterpillar.

Job site safety also depends on understanding how to properly use the machine you are renting. Maybe you are using a rental because your regular machine is in for repairs. Or may you're renting a machine for an activity not typical of you everyday job. Whatever the reason, it is imperative you know how to properly run the machine within its operational capacities. Always consult your rental's Operation & Maintenance Manual (OMM) and visit SAFETY.CAT.COM for more machine-specific safety tips.


Go Paperless

Holt of California approaches business as a partnership with its customers to bring top quality equipment solutions and the best product support to meet their needs. Holt takes the same approach to its waste reduction and recycling program, a partnership between its employees and suppliers to embed it within business practices.

For over 50 years, Holt of California has been working with its manufacturers to return machine components for reuse and re-manufacture. From recycling office paper products to remanufactured components, Holt takes pride in reducing its waste and being energy efficient on a daily basis.

Help us continue along this path by reducing our paper footprint. CLICK HERE to enable our free electronic services to receive invoices, statements and shipping lists by email. Or contact your credit representative at (916) 921-8800.


credit application

To apply for a credit account with Holt of California, please fill out our secure Docusign Credit Application

Fire, Theft & Vandalism FAQs

What is FTV?

FTV (Fire, Theft and Vandalism) is not insurance. It is, however, limited protection against damage to equipment you have rented from Holt of California.

Do I have to Purchase FTV?

FTV is required for any customer who does not have a valid Insurance Certificate on file with Holt of California at the time of rental.

What Insurance Requirements Do I have to Meet?

To avoid FTV, your insurance certificate must include the following:

  • Minimum of $1 million in general liability coverage
  • Minimum physicao damage coverage on leased or rented equipment of $250,000 or the value of the equipment rented, whichever is greater.

Certificates should be mailed or faxed to:

Holt of California
PO Box 10001
Sacramento, CA 95813
Attn: Terry Ratto

Fax: (916) 991-8269

Click here to access our full explanation of FTV coverage.