Equipment Rental in Stockton

If you're looking for a reliable provider of rental equipment in Stockton, Holt of California, The Cat Rental Store has you covered. Our full-scale inventory is available to help you meet your project demand, budget and schedule. Our team of experts will assist you with the rental process to help you gain access to rental solutions as soon as possible.

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Our Stockton Rental Equipment Options

We're responsible for keeping a well-stocked and maintained inventory. You can rest assured you'll find what you need for your Stockton business regardless of your industry when you work with us. We sort our equipment into categories to make it easy to find, including:

We employ a team of expert technicians to oversee our inventory, so you can trust that our equipment is high-quality. Our efficient machines will serve your jobs for as long as you need. You can also rent a machine online for your convenience if you can't visit our Stockton location.

How Holt of California Can Help

Partnering with us ensures access to durable, efficient equipment to help you complete necessary project tasks. Our team can determine which equipment best suits your applications or navigate the rental process with you so you can start as soon as possible. You can also contact our technicians anytime for maintenance and repairs while in the field.

On top of our unmatched equipment, we also offer flexible rental terms. You can choose from short- or long-term rental contracts to suit a given job. We also accommodate last-minute rentals if you suddenly require a machine or have an unexpected project on your schedule.

Benefits of Renting Equipment From Us

Renting has just as many benefits as buying new or used equipment, especially when working with Holt of California. Our rental contracts allow you to obtain solutions on a tight budget or test them in your fleet before committing to a purchase. Contacts are also a great way to accommodate complex or large projects different from your standard. Some other benefits of rental equipment include:

  • Increasing project uptime.
  • Reducing equipment expenses.
  • Enhancing resources.
  • Facilitating fleet organization.
  • Boosting project versatility and flexibility.

You can rely on Holt of California to provide high-quality equipment that's just like buying new. Partner with us for all your rental needs and work confidently on every job knowing your machines will stand the tests you throw at them.

Contact Holt of California for Your Equipment Rentals

Holt of California is dedicated to providing our Stockton clients with the best equipment for their work, regardless of industry. Use our selection of rentals to add to your fleet so you can take on new and lucrative projects that benefit your business. Start by checking out our equipment selection, visiting our Stockton location or contacting us to learn more about our rental process. 

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