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The Cat Rental Store provides durable and high-quality Cat® equipment in Turlock, backed by a long history of serving our clients with superior skill and knowledge. We have a wide range of heavy equipment to suit different industries, including construction, landscaping, agriculture and more. Our rentals can help you meet your project goals to keep you within your budget and on schedule. 

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Our Turlock Rental Equipment

As the trusted rental equipment dealer in Turlock, we stock all the equipment needed for your applications. We categorize our solutions so you can easily locate what you need based on your job's requirements. Some of these categories include:

We employ a team of professional and experienced technicians to ensure our fleet is well-maintained, so you never have to wonder how our machines will perform once they show up on your work site. You can visit our Turlock location to pick up rental equipment or rent online and have machines delivered to you for your convenience. 

Why You Should Partner With Holt of California

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with quality, dependable rental equipment. We are the leading experts in heavy equipment for all industries, including construction, agriculture, roadwork and landscaping. We work with an internal team of professionals with comprehensive knowledge of different machine types, ensuring you get the equipment you need.

We offer our clients flexible rental terms so you can acquire and use your equipment when needed. Short- or long-term rental contracts can fit your applications, whether you need to fill a temporary gap or are working on long, complex projects. We also provide last-minute rentals in case you suddenly need different types of machines.

Benefits of Renting Your Equipment

Renting instead of buying new or used machinery has many unique advantages for your business. Many companies choose to rent rather than buy for numerous reasons, such as working with a tight budget or wanting to trial-test equipment before they commit to a purchase. Another reason a company may rent is to temporarily increase its fleet size when working on a more complex project than usual.

Distinct advantages of renting equipment include:

  • Reduced costs.
  • Greater project flexibility.
  • Increased equipment resources.
  • Increased uptime.
  • Improved fleet organization.

On top of these benefits, The Cat Rental Store will ensure you receive the best in efficient and effective machines when renting from us. We bring our expertise to every client's job, no matter how complex or straightforward it is. 

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Holt of California is dedicated to providing our clients with reliable machinery to help facilitate their projects. With our wide-reaching selection of equipment, you can find exactly what you're searching for whenever you need it. Look for the ideal machine or solution by discovering our range of work site options on our site, coming by our Turlock location in person or reaching out to us for a rental quote!

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