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You work hard to maximize operational efficiency and stay competitive, and renting equipment is an excellent solution for maintaining an edge. When renting equipment from trusted industry brands, you can find the solutions you need to successfully complete any job on time. With access to equipment for virtually any purpose, you can tackle even the most specialized jobs and provide efficient, high-quality services.

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Here to Meet All Your Vacaville Rental Needs

As a contractor, each project you work on is unique. Whether you need trenchers for landscaping, boom lifts or excavators for construction, you want equipment that fits the job and delivers top performance. Since it's not practical for you to own every piece of equipment for every task you take on, rental provides the perfect solution. 

The Cat Rental Store offers a wide range of tools and machinery to meet your project needs and accommodate your objectives, terrain and location. Select between earthmoving, aerial, landscaping and other multipurpose equipment.

Aerial Equipment

Rent aerial equipment like boom and scissor lifts to elevate your work. Equipment like articulating and telescopic boom lifts is perfect when you need to install scaffolding, cut down trees, build high-rise structures or install signage. Choose between multiple heights and platform capabilities to suit your projects. 

Material Handling Equipment

Choose material handling equipment for multiple uses. Whether working on rough terrain or loading and moving heavy materials, you can get the job done with a telehandler or forklift. At Holt of California, you'll find rental units with ideal lifting capacities, operating weights and heights for every purpose. 

Landscaping Equipment

Move soil, lay sprinkler pipes or dig through tough terrains with a range of trenchers, multi terrain and skid steer loaders. Whether you need a fleet or a single tool, you can load, move and dig with versatile trencher equipment. Do more and stay on schedule with landscaping equipment for multiple terrains and objectives. 

Earthmoving Equipment

Complete your construction, agricultural or roadwork projects on time with an inventory of loading, dozing and excavating equipment. Select high-performance bulldozers, excavators, skid steer and backhoe loaders for numerous ground moving and loading tasks. 

Compaction Equipment

Compaction equipment can help you work with multiple terrains, locations and soil types. Rammers, rollers and versatile compactors offer reliable and effective surface preparation. Select tools like plate compactors, soil compactors, pneumatic rollers and ride-on rollers suited to your project goals. 

Trucks and Trailers

You can serve all your transport needs with access to reliable trucks and trailers. Rent dump trucks, crane trucks or utility vehicles for your construction site when you need to transport, load and haul material. 

Air Equipment

Whether you're working at a fixed site or across locations, compressors are efficient and reliable tools. You can count on portable compressors for a reliable source of air wherever you need it, while stationary compressors have high-performance motors to power multiple pneumatic tools at once.

Explore Rental Equipment in Vacaville at Holt of California

Rent equipment for all your needs at Holt of California. We offer a wide range of equipment solutions for numerous applications. As part of the Cat® dealer network, we provide reliable and trusted equipment rentals in Vacaville and numerous other California locations. 

Contact us at 707-455-7600 or visit us in-store at our Vacaville location to discuss your rental needs.

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