We're Open with Everyone's Safety in Mind

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Holt of California is, like you, trying to deal with the challenges presented by COVID-19 (Coronavirus). Our current plan is to take care of your equipment needs as best we possibly can based on your needs. We believe that most of our customers will continue to operate as essential entities to keep our nation strong and we will be there with you to support your equipment needs.

We are doing this with our customers' and employees’ safety in mind. In addition to on-site delivery, Holt of California is offering “contact-less” drive-up service. All machines are disinfected per manufacturers’ instructions prior to being handed over to the customer. Things like controls, buttons, operator seats, armrests, seat belts, buckles, latches, knobs, and grab handles are given critical attention. Only EPA-approved disinfectant is used.

Delivered Equipment receives a final, precautionary disinfecting wipe down by the drivers to commonly touched areas by the driver. 

Holt of California is in constant communication with its employees on the proper steps necessary to disinfect equipment as well as how to properly dispose wipes, towels and any other PPE used.  Employees are also briefed on how to practice good personal hygiene and social distancing consistently.