Billy Goat Rental Equipment

Billy Goat Rental Equipment

Outdoor lawn care is essential for keeping a property manicured. Billy Goat is a well-known brand of landscaping equipment that is durable and productive for various applications.

The Cat® Rental Store and our worldwide network of dealers will source Billy Goat rental equipment for a competitive price. Your local dealer is ready to serve all your equipment needs.

About Billy Goat

Billy Goat is a leading manufacturer and designer of outdoor property cleanup equipment and specialty turf products. Billy Goat was founded in 1967 in Kansas City, Missouri, as a subsidiary of Clipper Manufacturing, and they are now owned by Briggs & Stratton, LLC. The brand is known for its innovative, quality products that make landscaping maintenance more productive. The dealer network accessible through The Cat Rental Store has all the Billy Goat equipment you need for your lawn care.

Applications for Billy Goat Rental Equipment

With their wide variety of landscaping equipment available, Billy Goat builds machinery made for commercial and municipal projects. This rental equipment can complete tasks such as installing irrigation systems, removing dirt, setting small pipes, moving aggregates and backfilling. With The Cat Rental Store, you can select the length of your rental agreement, so you have the equipment you need at every phase of your project.

Our Rental Equipment From Billy Goat

If you're looking for Billy Goat rental equipment, turn to The Cat Rental Store and our international network of 1,300 dealerships. We have what you need in our online repository. Our dealers maintain each machine to the highest quality standards you'll find in the rental market.

Our equipment options from Billy Goat include:

  • Aerators: Compacted soil in lawns has a dead grass layer that prevents the grass from getting nutrients. Aeration equipment facilitates the flow of air, nutrients and water in a lawn by creating small pockets in the dirt. 
  • Sod cutters: A sod cutter removes grass strips from a lawn by cutting grass at the root. It allows sections of sod to be removed to expose the ground for planting new grass or a garden.
  • Brushcutters: A brushcutter cuts thick vegetation and tree branches using a metal blade. This tool can easily clear an overgrown area.
  • Blowers: A blower cleans up an outdoor area by expelling forced air that moves loose debris, such as leaves and grass trimmings.

Why Rent From The Cat® Rental Store?

The Cat Rental Store is the premier rental partner in the industry. Our inventory includes options from the best manufacturers available, and our prices are competitive. Our rental agreements are flexible to fit your needs, and your dealer will be available 24/7 for online and on-site support.

Get a Quote for Your Billy Goat Rental Equipment

Get a quality, cost-effective sod cutter or aerator rental from The Cat Rental Store dealer network. Browse our rental equipment from Billy Goat on our website, and call 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information about each machine. To start your rental process, find your nearest dealer and request a quick quote online.

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