HVAC Rentals

Construction isn't just a warm-weather occupation. Many contractors and other construction professionals ply their trade throughout the year, and those that operate in colder climates face unique challenges. 

The Cat® Rental Store location near you can help your business stay productive and efficient, even when the mercury drops. We offer an assortment of HVAC rental equipment for job site preparation and other purposes you can trust to add value to your cold-weather projects.

Benefits of Renting HVAC Equipment

Rental air conditioners from Thompson Rents provide multiple benefits for your business:

  • Protection against mechanical failures: Renting enables you to get a rapid replacement when a unit breaks down unexpectedly. 
  • Seasonal cooling requirements: Renting air conditioners during the hotter times of the year enables you to meet the increase in demand without making a long-term investment.
  • Comprehensive service: Rentals from Thompson Rents come with comprehensive support. We'll recommend the best equipment solution for your environment and provide a quick response whenever you require on-site repair service.
  • Short-term solution: Are you considering adding a permanent HVAC system? Rental air conditioners can provide a reliable temporary option until you complete the installation.

Why Choose Thompson Rents for HVAC Rentals?

Partnering with us for rental air conditioners offers several advantages:

  • Experience: You'll work with a local, family-owned company that understands your business and the importance of equipment in your success.
  • Convenience: We operate multiple locations throughout our service territory — we're nearby and ready to help whenever you need us. 
  • Affordability: Our daily, weekly, and monthly rates will fit your budget, and we'll set up a flexible program that makes sense for your business. We also offer leases and rent-to-purchase programs if you'd like to own the equipment eventually.
  • Delivery option: We recognize that busy companies might not have the time or resources to pick up a rental at the store. If you can't come to us, we can deliver your equipment at a low cost.

Contact Us to Learn More

Discover all the advantages that using rental air conditioners from Thompson Rents can provide for your business. Take the next step and reach out to us by phone at 1-833-WE-RENT-3 to request additional product and pricing information today. You can also get a quick quote by submitting our online contact form