Cat® Command

Cat® Command

Change the way you operate equipment at your job site with Cat® Command technology. Cat Command allows machines to be remotely controlled from an on-site location or a remote control center. With operators able to stay alert and perform multiple processes from a single controlled location, your productivity and job site safety will increase.

Cat Command Technology Features

Cat Command is a technology product for semi-autonomous equipment operation, designed to provide consistent and accurate work. It enables operators to:

  • Automate processes: The operator can add specific inputs to the system to automate processes. These inputs can be saved for future use.
  • Achieve accuracy: Cat Command ensures equipment works constantly and completes tasks accurately to meet project specifications.
  • Increase coverage: Work within consistent parameters to get optimal coverage for your projects.
  • Ensure uniformity: Cat Command makes sure there is uniformity with every pass of a machine, even with multiple operators.
  • Work safely: Cat Command includes safety features such as auto-stop and system interlocks that prevent the machine from being remotely controlled when conditions are unsafe.

Cat Command establishes a connection between the equipment and the base station using a simple setup that does not require a site design. The interface is intuitive and simple to use, easily connecting to common base stations.

With an automated machine, the operator is still involved in the process, which offers more certainty than fully autonomous machines. The operator can control steering, vibrations, direction and speed of equipment from the control panel. This oversight ensures that work is accurate and consistent.

Cat Command allows your fleet to take on many new possibilities. Use machinery in hazardous areas or other challenging sites to keep personnel safe and maintain better sightlines. This technology is available on select skid steer loaders, excavators, wheel loaders, compactors, dozers and other construction equipment.

Benefits of Cat Command

Adding Cat Command to your fleet provides multiple benefits. Cat Command technology:

  • Improves safe operation: Cat Command allows the equipment to be used in areas that may be unsafe for operators.
  • Boosts operator comfort: When the operator is removed from the machine with Cat Command, they can work in more comfortable areas and manage multiple machines at one time. This automated technology also reduces the likelihood of fatigue-related accidents and injuries.
  • Increases precision: Cat Command increases productivity in every application and every task. Results are consistent because the operation can be more uniform, even when the crew changes out.
  • Has cost savings: Cat Command helps your team work more efficiently and complete projects faster, which increases profits.
  • Provides misuse protection: Remotely controlled autonomous equipment with Cat Command has built-in protection against misuse.

Learn More About Cat Command Today

Cat Command technology has been used at construction and excavation sites for decades. It has a proven record of increasing safety and profits across various applications. Your local Cat dealer will help you identify the benefits of Cat Command in your industry and decide which system you need.

Ask your local team about Cat Command today. Find the nearest dealer location to request more information or buy products and equipment.

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