Electric Heater Rentals

Does your business involve conducting construction activities in cold weather? Keeping the site warm can be challenging — unless you have the right equipment.

The Cat® Rental Store dealers offer various HVAC equipment to enable construction contractors and other professionals to stay productive and efficient throughout the year. This extensive inventory includes electric heater rentals that provide a portable heating solution for remote job sites. 

Rental Electric Heaters From Leading Manufacturers

At The Cat Rental Store, our dealers strive to meet the needs of customers across a broad spectrum of industries. Their rental fleets consist of products from more than 70 well-known manufacturers, ensuring the ideal combination of quantity and quality that businesses like yours expect. 

Electric heater rentals are available via our extensive global dealer network. These products are an excellent choice for heating enclosed construction sites and various drying and commercial heating applications. They're available in multiple power options and feature clean, odorless heat that is safe for poorly ventilated spaces. 

Because these units are portable, they're easy to move to different locations in and around your job sites. You can have a reliable heating source wherever you need it.

If you're unsure which electric heater is right for your needs, the experts at any location of The Cat Rental Store are ready to assist you. You'll get a product that meets your unique heating requirements without wasting energy. You'll also receive guidance on how to operate the equipment correctly and safely. 

What Are the Benefits of Renting Electric Heaters?

Using rental electric heaters can offer a cost-effective solution. Since heating needs are primarily seasonal, companies don't have to incur storage costs during the warmer months when they're not using the equipment. Renting also ensures compatibility, as business owners can choose the most suitable equipment for each project. 

Reducing repair and maintenance costs is another benefit when renting. Cat dealers make delivering superior customer support a top priority and will provide responsive on-site service to keep your equipment on the job and productive. You can even use the process to try a model or two you're thinking of purchasing.

Why Choose Us for Your Equipment Needs?

Renting electric heaters and other equipment from our dealers offers numerous benefits:

  • Convenience: The widespread dealer network means there's likely a local, reputable business nearby that provides prompt, attentive service.
  • Affordability: Our rates are competitive, which enables the rental to fit your company's budget. The flexible daily, weekly and monthly programs can help you manage the cost more efficiently. 
  • On-site delivery: Companies may not have the time or resources to pick up their rentals. Many dealers offer delivery services to ease the burden. 

Learn More About Electric Heater Rentals

Browse the wide selection of electric heaters online and review the product descriptions for additional information. You can also stop by The Cat Rental Store location in your area for an up-close look. If you have questions or are ready to rent, call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT or return our quote form today.