Mortar Mixer Rentals

Mortar is an essential part of many construction applications, as it's used with great efficiency to bind materials such as brick and stone. Creating mortar requires the precise blending of concrete, water and sand. It takes the right mixing equipment to combine these materials into a smooth, creamy mixture that's suitable for construction projects.

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The Cat® Rental Store: Your Best Source for a High-Quality Mortar Mixer Rental

The Cat® Rental Store is a top worldwide provider of heavy equipment for rent by Caterpillar, as well as other leading manufacturers. Your nearby store has mortar mixers available to help keep your operation running smoothly. You'll always get a late-model, low-hour machine that will meet your performance expectations. You'll also receive the legendary support synonymous with the Caterpillar brand for nearly a century.

Toro MMX-858H-S

Our mortar mixer rental inventory includes the Toro MMX-858H-S. This mixer will provide large and high-quality mixes. It features an 8 ft3 batch capacity, which means the machine can produce enough mortar for even large projects. Its innovative design gives you the best possible end product thanks to the thorough way it combines the material. The patented paddles move the materials horizontally and in a circular motion, producing a smoother mix. The symmetrical drum prevents dead zones and increases mortar to drum contact.

When Should You Consider a Mortar Mixer Rental?

Do you only require a mortar mixer now and then? Renting provides the flexibility to pay for and use equipment as you need it. Renting also works out well if you don't have the space to store equipment when it's not in use, or you want to avoid storage costs. You can keep your mortar mixer rental at the jobsite until you're ready to return it.

Renting also makes sense if you need a temporary replacement for a mortar mixer that's out of commission, or must meet the demands of a sudden upsurge in business.

The Cat Rental Store — Your Source for Rental Equipment

When you choose one of the more than 1,300 Cat Rental Store locations for your mortar mix rental, you'll enjoy a fast, seamless renting experience. You'll get expert product selection advice, along with complete service and support. We can even provide on-site emergency repair service to prevent costly project delays.

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Are you ready to rent a mortar mixer for your business? Call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT for additional details today. You can also explore our selection online and contact us to get a quick quote and rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes.

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