Heater Rentals

Keeping job sites warm in winter is a challenging but essential task. Portable heaters can help you combat cold air and frozen ground, ensuring the work stays on schedule. 

The Cat® Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for highly efficient portable heater rentals to help maintain productivity in colder weather. You'll get a high-performing machine that can withstand the elements and allow you to maximize productivity. 

Choose the Right Heater for Your Needs and Budget

Our massive equipment inventory features multiple forced-air heater versions that are perfect for temporary heating applications. Their portability provides maximum placement flexibility, enabling you to get a targeted heating solution. Models are available in multiple BTU ratings, maximum airflow capacities and fuel types to meet any job site requirement. 

The Cat Rental Store features equipment from over 70 reputable manufacturers, ensuring the best quality and reliability. Our heater rentals consist of numerous reputable brands, including:

  • Wacker Neuson
  • Allmand
  • DESA
  • Kroll
  • Thawzall
  • Industrial Commercial Equipment
  • Biemmedue

Our heaters can provide exceptional results for various applications. They can thaw frozen ground to prepare it for excavating, trenching and other earthmoving tasks. They can also supply heat in buildings under construction or renovation and other enclosed areas to keep workers comfortable and productive. 

If you need help choosing the best heater for your needs, the team at any location of The Cat Rental Store can guide you in the right direction. These professional rental specialists know the equipment well and how it performs in multiple conditions. You can make an informed decision that delivers optimal results for your projects. 

Experience The Cat® Rental Store Difference

The Cat Rental Store offers equipment for rent through an extensive network of over 1,300 locations that deliver top-notch localized service and support. We offer flexible short- and long-term rental programs to fit any time frame or budget. The streamlined rental process saves time, and you can even get low-cost delivery to your facility or job site. 

Your dealer will also take excellent care of the rental from start to finish. You'll receive timely on-site repair and maintenance service from expert technicians to ensure your projects keep moving forward. 

Renting Offers Numerous Business Benefits

The benefits of renting heaters and other equipment from The Cat Rental Store include:

  • Immediate availability: You can rent equipment quickly to meet urgent needs like replacing a broken-down machine or boosting your fleet to meet a sudden demand increase.
  • Reduced expenses: Renting can help you cut equipment-related costs like storage, maintenance and repairs.
  • Improved performance: You can enhance your projects' results by renting job-specific machines.
  • Access to technology: Late-model rentals include the most recent innovations to maximize job site efficiency and safety.
  • Fleet flexibility: You'll have more control over the size and composition of your equipment fleet.

Contact Us for a Quick Quote

Learn more about heater rentals from The Cat Rental Store and how they can add significant value to your business. Call us today at 1-800-RENT-CAT or contact us online to request additional product information and a fast quote.