Concrete Buggy Rentals

Whether you refer to them as concrete buggies, Georgia buggies or power wheelbarrows, these versatile machines are invaluable when it comes to working with concrete. They'll enable you to move the mixed concrete to locations that are inaccessible by truck. Using them at your jobsites will save time and labor. Because they require less effort than pushing a manual wheelbarrow, concrete buggies can also reduce the risk of injury.

The Cat® Rental Store in your area can provide a dependable Georgia buggy for rent at a competitive daily, weekly or monthly rate. We feature a broad selection of concrete buggies in various sizes and payload and bucket capacities. Our rental specialists can help you select the right product for your applications and budget. And with our commitment to service, you can be sure you'll have everything you need to make your job easier.

Concrete Buggy Rentals From Top Brands

Concrete buggies can save you a lot of time and effort on the job by cutting down on manual labor requirements. Get concrete buggy rentals from some of the industry's most reliable producers when you shop at The Cat Rental Store. We offer a wide selection of buggies from trusted brands to ensure you get the equipment you need to complete your work efficiently. 

Some of our most popular power wheelbarrow brands available include: 

Industries That Can Use Concrete Buggies

Whether you're transporting concrete, gravel or large rocks, concrete buggies offer an effective solution for quickly moving heavy materials from one spot to another on your job site. There are many applications for concrete buggies, making them valuable to professionals from numerous industries. 

You can rent a concrete buggy to make your job easier in many types of work, including: 

  • Contracting: As a contractor, you may find that some projects may call for transporting heavy items like bricks or concrete throughout the day. A powered wheelbarrow can save your back and get the job done faster. 
  • Construction: You can use concrete buggies to move, spot pour and spread concrete, saving you a lot of time and effort throughout your construction projects. 
  • Agriculture: Whether you're pouring concrete for a new barn or refurbishing an old facility, concrete buggies can come in handy and save you some trips by moving loads for you. 
  • Building: Building projects often require moving many materials as you replace old structures and lay new foundations. Use a concrete buggy to get it done faster.

Our Power Wheelbarrow Rentals

The Cat Rental Store offers thousands of high-quality machines and attachments from Caterpillar and other reputable manufacturers. Examples from our Georgia buggy inventory include:

  • Toro MB-1600 Mud Buggy: This compact, maneuverable buggy can hold up to 16 cubic feet of material. The dual-action dump pedal will enable you to deposit the load and return the tub without removing your hands from the handlebars.
  • Miller Spreader MB 21P: The MB 21P has a payload capacity of 3,200 pounds and a bucket capacity of 21 cubic feet while measuring 96 inches in length.
  • Genie PB 21: This Genie model matches the payload capacity of the Miller Spreader MB 21P but has a slightly larger bucket capacity of 21.01 cubic feet and measures 101.5 inches.
  • Multiquip WBH-16F: The 16-cubic-foot WBH-16F features removable tires to provide easier access to narrow areas and forklift pockets to simplify loading.

When Is Renting Power Wheelbarrows a Smart Move?

Renting makes good business sense if you use a concrete buggy only some of the time. You'll pay for the equipment only when you need it, and you won't have to absorb the storage costs. A concrete buggy rental can also provide a fast, cost-effective solution for replacing a unit that's temporarily out of commission. Another benefit is that you can boost your fleet quickly to meet a deadline crunch. The on-demand nature of renting can even make it easier to manage your project schedule.

Why Should You Choose The Cat® Rental Store?

The Cat Rental Store offers:

  • Convenience: We have more than 1,300 conveniently located stores around the world.
  • Service: Get fast on-site maintenance and repair service for as long as you have the machine.
  • Technology: Rent a late-model unit with the latest equipment features for increased productivity and efficiency.
  • Reliability: Every piece of our equipment undergoes a comprehensive inspection in between rentals.
  • Availability: You can reach us by phone around the clock whenever you have questions or need assistance.

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