Brush Chipper Rentals

Brush chippers are an essential part of many forestry, landscaping and roadwork operations. These machines can quickly reduce large branches, limbs or even small trees into woodchips. This process makes transportation easier, and there may also be some resale value for the chips. The Cat® Rental Store carries several high-quality brush chippers, so you'll always find a top-notch machine available for rent.

Partner with your local Cat dealer for legendary service to help you select and maintain the ideal rental for your project.

When Should You Consider a Chipper Rental?

A chipper is perfect for a short-term need such as a "one-off" project or a sudden upsurge in business. You can get the machine quickly, then return it with no additional financial obligations. Renting also works if you need to replace equipment that's in the shop for repairs. Are you thinking of purchasing a wood chipper? Renting allows you to try before you buy so you can make sure you're getting the right product for your applications.

Your local Cat dealer can help you find the perfect brush chipper solution for your next project.


A brush chipper rental is a highly effective tool for landscaping and construction when you find the model that best suits your application. It is important to consider three key points before making your pick from The Cat Rental Store:

  • Weight: Large wood chippers have more power, while smaller models are easier to transport. 
  • Reduction rate: The reduction ratio of a chipper describes how much chipped material will come from the brush. For example, a 15:1 machine would convert 15 containers worth of brush into one container of woodchips.
  • Throat size: The opening of a chipper can range from 6 inches to more than 20 inches. 

There are also specific benefits that brush chippers can bring to your business. The brush chipper can remove unwanted trees and limbs from your site much faster than a disposal service. It may also change waste into profit since chips can become useful products like mulch, pressed wood and biofuel. Brush chippers are towable to provide maximum convenience on the job site.

Questions about choosing your chipper? The Cat Rental Store and our network of local dealers are here to help with the top-tier service you've come to expect. 


The Cat Rental Store is always committed to bringing you the finest machines for your business. That's why our dealers provide a selection of Genie-Tac, GreenMech and Vermeer brush chippers. 

GreenMech is one of the best-known manufacturers of industrial wood chippers and shredders, and their team builds machinery with power and high output in mind. The company's unique "disc-blade" technology lessens the blades' sharpening requirements and rotates the cutting edges for maximum efficiency. 

Started in 1938 in a one-person shop, Vermeer is now a third-generation family-owned business. Vermeer chippers pull in and process heavy-duty materials with safety in mind. The manufacturer's SmartFeed system monitors the speed of the engine and can automatically stop or reverse feed rollers when necessary. 

The Cat Rental Store has equipment for every project. Our local dealers offer several types of brush chippers and over 70 different brands of OEM products to meet your needs.

Why Should You Rent From the Cat® Rental Store?

When you choose a wood chipper rental from the Cat Rental Store, you'll always get a thoroughly inspected machine that's up to any challenge. Our expert staff will do whatever it takes to optimize the renting process. We can help you with product selection, and we'll also recommend any attachments that will improve your jobsite performance. And you never have to worry about maintenance and repairs when you rent from us. We take care of all of that for you.

We also provide daily, weekly, monthly and longer rental agreements for your convenience. Traveling out of state or working across multiple locations? Rent from your nearest Cat dealer to save on time and transportation costs. 

The Cat Rental Store is your one-stop destination for rental and maintenance on the highest-performing machines with low usage hours.

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