Forced Air Heater Rentals

Forced-air heaters can help eliminate issues such as cold air and frozen ground that can lead to unproductive downtime at construction sites. The Cat® Rental Store carries a variety of portable heater rental options that will meet your jobsite needs and fit your budget. You'll find reliable products from Wacker Neuson, Allmand and many others.

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Allmand Maxi-Heat 500iQ: The 500iQ consists of two independently operating heating units that combine to provide up to one million British thermal units (Btu) of warm air. The innovation iQ system monitors and adjusts the heater as needed to provide maximum fuel efficiency with less smoke and soot.

Biemmedue Summer 30: This compact, mobile heater rental can provide safe, controlled heat at everything from construction sites and warehouses to industrial facilities and farm buildings. It produces 30 kW of heating power at 25,800 kcal/hr.

Desa BLP50V: The BLP50V features an input rating of 30,000-50,000 Btu, a fuel consumption rate of 1.4-2.3 pounds/hour (LP fuel) and air output of 275 cfm.

Industrial Commerical Equipment OHV 500 LP/NG: This "Frost Fighter" model from I.C.E. has an input rating of 450,000 Btu, an air output rate of 2,800 cfm and a fuel consumption rate of 20.9 pounds per hour.

Kroll MAK40: An oil-fired space heater equipped with a flue, the MAK40 is an excellent portable heater rental option when working in poorly ventilated or closed areas.

L.B. White Workman 225 Plus: The Workman 225 Plus weighs only 17 pounds, making it easy to transport around the jobsite. The unit features an input rating 225,000 of 225,000 Btu and consumes 10.4 pounds of liquid propane per hour.

MI-T-M MH-0400-OM10: This portable heater rental runs on kerosene and is ideally suited for heating construction sites, garages, warehouses and workshops. The heavy-duty cast aluminum electric motor produces an air output of 1,400 cfm.

Thawzall XH: The XH ground heater features a robust input rating of more than one million Btu, enabling it to serve as an effective concrete heater rental. It also offers an impressive air output of 3,250 cfm.

Wacker Neuson HI 900G: Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, the versatile HI 900G is perfect for providing for temporary heating of buildings undergoing construction or renovation.

Wacker Neuson Pureheat Oil: A Pureheat hydronic air heater delivers clean, dry air and removes excess moisture from the work area. The 860,000 Btu input results in a heater efficiency of 83%.

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