Cat® Payload

Cat® Payload

Loading material efficiently requires hitting load targets with each trip to the scale and keeping track of the material type and location. Cat® Payload records this data and helps operators meet their weight goals every time. Cat Payload is an onboard weighing system that gives operators on-the-go load weighing information to meet their load targets with each cycle.

Cat Payload Technology Features

Cat Payload offers valuable insight into your equipment and operations for load weighing. Its features include:

  • On-the-go load weighing: This payload data ensures operators meet their loading targets for higher productivity and lower cycle times.
  • In-cab display: The display provides the operator data such as track load counts, bucket and track load weights, and material movement. Hauling tools have an external scoreboard display and payload lamps for the loader operator to view the load status.
  • Comprehensive reporting: These reports track key performance indicators (KPIs) like tons per hour, truck load counts, daily production tonnage and tons per fuel burned. You can also view this information online at VisionLink® Payload Reporting.

Cat Payload technology is standard on Next Generation wheel loaders and excavators and is available on:

  • Articulated trucks
  • On-highway and off-highway trucks
  • Off-road haulers
  • Hoppers
  • Wheel tractor scrapers
  • Wheel loaders
  • Excavators

For some applications, Cat Payload is available as a dealer-installed option or retrofit.

Why Implement Cat Payload in Your Fleet?

Your operation can gain these advantages by using Cat Payload technology:

  • Improves speed: The instant feedback on the in-cab display from Cat Payload keeps trucks constantly moving and loaded to their full potential, so more work is accomplished faster.
  • Eliminates over- and underloading: Overloading wears down equipment and tires, and underloading is inefficient because operators have to make more trips. Cat Payload technology makes sure each payload is right on target to eliminate these extremes.
  • Increases productivity: By analyzing your load weight data, you can make informed decisions that will improve your productivity.
  • Decreases costs: Errors can be expensive, and payload data helps operators be more accurate and work cost-efficiently. Costs are also saved due to lower levels of fuel consumption, component wear and labor.
  • Improves operator efficiency: Operators can work with confidence because Cat Payload will provide all the data they need, no estimations required.
  • Makes job sites safer: A load that's too full may spill and cause injury. When every load is precisely the right weight, the chances of a spill are reduced, so your job site is safe for your crew.

Learn More About Cat Payload From Your Local Dealer

Cat Payload helps yard managers, loader operators and quarry operations get more profit with every load. You'll have access to load weight data to meet your targets and KPI information to assess the workday's productivity.

Your local dealer can help you implement Cat Payload to its full potential. Find the Cat dealer in your area to request more information or order Cat Payload products for your fleet. Their team will help you choose your Cat Payload technology, manage the installation and train your crew in how to use it.

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