Cat® Product Link™

Cat® Product Link™

Heavy equipment management involves making a lot of connections, from buying new machines to maintaining an entire fleet and tracking expenses. It pays to get connected through Cat® Product Link™ technology. Product Link helps you get the best return on your investment by joining equipment, crew and data to one central hub. This technology ensures you can work smarter by making informed management decisions.

Features of Product Link Technology

Product Link connects your assets to provide valuable insight into your fleet performance. With Product Link technology, you can:

  • View machine data to improve performance and fuel efficiency.
  • Identify equipment location, status and hours worked.
  • Manage all data from a central location.
  • Use operating information to help you make informed decisions.

Whether your fleet includes material handling equipment from Caterpillar or other reputable brands, you can connect all machines to your database. New Cat equipment has built-in Product Link capabilities, and installation kits are available for your existing Cat machinery or models from other brands.

Product Link installs using minimal hardware and requires just a couple of simple steps — mount the Product Link device into your machine, and integrate it with your online and mobile applications. You can then choose your preferred wireless communication method — Bluetooth, satellite or cellular — as Product Link is compatible with all these technologies.

Once your equipment is connected, you can use a web- or mobile-based interface that gives you the data you need when you need it, including the Cat App, VisionLink®, My.Cat.Com or Cat Inspect.

Why Install Product Link in Your Equipment?

There are several benefits of using Product Link technology for your fleet. By integrating your machinery into a central system, you can:

  • Keep equipment secure and available: Issues such as theft or unauthorized use of your equipment can add significant downtime to a project. Knowing your equipment's location and how it's being used ensures that your fleet will always be ready to perform when you return to the job site.
  • Reduce maintenance costs: Machine data tracks equipment health, so you can proactively repair issues before they cause a problem.
  • Increase uptime: Downtime wastes time, and the data from your Product Link technology helps you make informed decisions that keep your uptime high.
  • Improve overall productivity: When your equipment works properly, your crew can be more productive, accomplishing more work in less time.
  • Increase profits: Product Link helps you identify ways you can save money. This technology lets you spend less on fuel and wages and realize more profit from each project.

Contact Your Local Dealer for More Information

Every decision you make about your fleet matters, and these choices should be informed by data provided by Product Link technology. You'll have access to all the data you need to keep your fleet operational and profitable. As a result, your projects will be completed sooner, and your crew will be more productive.

Your local dealer can help you maximize the benefits of Product Link. Find your area dealership to request more information about Product Link or order your installation kit.

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