Road Reclaimer Rentals

If you're in the road rehabilitation business, you understand the importance of having reliable road reclaimers and soil stabilization equipment at your disposal. These efficient machines pulverize the top asphalt layer, then combine it with the underlying soil and base material to stabilize the roadway.

Caterpillar produces high-performing road reclaimers that will add value you to your road rehab projects. The Cat® Rental Store is your one-stop headquarters for high-quality reclaimer rentals at competitive rates along with exceptional customer service.

Choose the Best Cat® Road Reclaimer Rental for Your Needs

Cat road reclaimers offer an efficient stabilization solution that will enable you to get more work done in less time. Cat road reclaimer rentals can integrate asphalt emulsions or other binding agents in a separate pass or during the pulverization process. They also feature a solid, balanced design and construction that can withstand the rigors of any road reclaiming challenge. Examples from our Cat road reclaimer inventory include:

  • RM500: This rotary mixer combines enhanced production capabilities and optimized performance with exceptional operator comfort and easy serviceability. Key features include a state-of-the-art Cat C15 ACERT™ engine that enables the machine to propel through the most challenging roadway conditions. The reclaimer also provides a maximum cutting/mixing depth of 20 inches and a maximum width of 96 inches.
  • RM500B: The RM500B offers a host of enhancements that will improve your jobsite performance. The electronically controlled all-wheel-drive function ensures superior traction in soft soil and underfoot conditions. The two different speeds provide the flexibility to operate the machine at maximum torque while navigating rugged terrain or at a faster rate while traveling around the jobsite.

When Is Renting a Good Option for Your Business?

A Cat soil stabilizer rental from the Cat Rental Store will help keep your projects moving forward when a machine in your fleet is out of commission. You'll also be able to ramp up for a temporary increase in business. Renting makes sense if you want to avoid equipment obsolescence. Most of our rentals are late-model units, which gives you access to the most advanced Caterpillar technologies. And when you rent, you won't incur costs such as storage, repairs, insurance and maintenance.

Why Should Rent Road Reclaimers From the Cat Rental Store?

At the Cat Rental Store, we make meeting the needs of our customers our top priority. We'll help you find the ideal match between a Cat soil stabilizer rental and your application so that you can rent with total confidence. We'll also help you choose a rental agreement that meets your time frame and fits your budget. What's more, we'll take care of all maintenance and repair issues, including providing emergency repair service at your jobsite if needed.

Contact Us to Explore All Your Road Reclaimer Options

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits a Cat road reclaimer rental can provide for your business, give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT today. Feel free to browse our current inventory online and contact us to get a quick quote to rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes.

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