Harvester Head Attachment Rentals

Teams that work in forestry and logging are constantly searching for ways to improve efficiency and overall productivity. Depending on the amount of forestry work you handle, this could mean investing in equipment with the latest technology for measuring, cutting and processing timber. To help you keep up with the competition, The Cat® Rental Store offers a range of harvester head attachment rentals. These attachments allow operators to process wood more efficiently and in more crowded areas, so your business can work faster and produce more.

A Range of Harvester Head Attachment Rentals

Harvester head attachment rentals come with many benefits for logging and forestry companies — they provide a cost-effective method for processing wood quickly and accurately while minimizing fiber damage. Harvester head attachments work in tandem with harvesters and can process many different sized trees. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer several harvester head attachments, including:

  • The Cat HH44 DE Harvester Head: This specialized harvester head attachment rental is ideal for processing and debarking eucalyptus. Built for reliability and high productivity, it features a unique measuring system and maximum openings of 23.7 inches and 27.7 inches for the upper and lower knives, respectively.
  • The PF-48 Harvester Head: The Prentice PF-48 is a fixed fell harvester head that provides optimal durability and control, allowing the operator to cut and position trees in hardwood thinning applications. Its maximum knife opening measures 31 inches.
  • The SATCO-SAT630 Harvester Head: The versatile SAT630 can function as a felling head attachment or a harvester head attachment, depending on your needs. With superior construction and the ability to open its jaw up to 55 inches, this harvester head rental can help you fell, bunch and stack stems reliably in challenging conditions.

If you're not sure which harvester head attachment will best suit your operation's needs, our product experts would be happy to help. We offer equipment from Caterpillar and over 70 other leading manufacturers. A wider selection means you can make the best choice for your situation. We can even track down a specific piece of equipment for you if you don't see what you're looking for in our inventory.

Other Services to Help Your Business Grow

The Cat Rental Store offers more than harvester head rentals. We know you count on your rental equipment to perform safely and reliably, especially when you're working in remote areas. That's why we put in the work to keep our rental equipment in top working condition.

We inspect every piece of equipment before and after renting it out, and we provide onsite and online service as needed to get your operation up and running in the event of a breakdown. When you have a rental company you can count on, you can accept more challenging jobs, complete projects more quickly and grow your forestry business.

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Logging and forestry teams choose to rent harvester head attachments for a variety of reasons. You may need an attachment to tackle a short job or want to try out a model you're unfamiliar with. Whatever the reason, choose to rent from the people who do whatever it takes to get you the right equipment for the job. With more than 1,300 locations worldwide, The Cat Rental Store makes it easy to get the harvester head rentals you need. To learn more about the options we have available, request a quote today.

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