Demolition Rental Equipment

Demolition Rental Equipment

You need equipment that can tackle big jobs. We offer solutions you can trust. At The Cat® Rental Store, we help you succeed in the demolition industry with a full selection of high-quality demolition rental equipment. If you’re looking for newer, low-hour equipment that you can use with no strings attached, count on us to keep your operations running smoothly. Rental equipment can help you save money and protect the safety of your workers, whatever the job demand.

Enhance Your Demolition Applications

Just as construction is a major industry for businesses and homeowners, demolition is essential for community and commercial growth. Demolition workers use precision and careful planning to take down old structures and prepare for new developments. These projects call for strict adherence to safety, quality and cleanup policies. This complex industry also involves the flattening and deconstruction of buildings so the parts can be recycled or salvaged. With the proper equipment, you can enhance your demolition applications and achieve greater efficiency.

Gain a Competitive Edge With The Cat® Rental Store

Renting equipment can be an excellent option when you want to save money and increase productivity on the job site. At The Cat Rental Store, we offer flexible options so you can rent equipment whenever you need it. Rental equipment for demolition jobs comes in handy when you need to:

  • Decommission a machine for repairs.
  • Try a piece of equipment before buying.
  • Obtain a machine for a unique project.
  • Meet a sudden increase in demand.

Demolition Rental Equipment From Trustworthy Brands

The Cat Rental Store has a global network of more than 1,300 dealers who carry equipment from Caterpillar and 70 other major brands. We have a wide selection of rental equipment for demolition applications, including:

  • Excavators: Our mini, small, medium and large excavator options help you handle all types of demolition jobs.
  • Loaders: We have wheel loaders, backhoe loaders and skid steer loaders for digging and loading applications.
  • Trucks: Articulated trucks make it easy to transport and dispose of demolition scraps.
  • Jackhammers: Our jackhammers break up pavement and concrete with ease.
  • Material handlers: Material handlers and telehandlers are ideal for lifting heavy or hazardous materials.
  • Demolition attachments: Our shears, pulverizer attachments and more will fit the needs of your demolition equipment.

Why Partner With Your Local Cat Dealer?

Boost your next demolition project by renting equipment from our massive inventory. Our options include daily, weekly, monthly and even long-term rentals depending on your needs. We place a high priority on advanced technology, safety and reliability.

When you choose from our selection of rental equipment for demolition jobs, you can enjoy all the benefits we have to offer. Our dealers offer ongoing support for rentals, including operator training and 24/7 support services. You can call your dealer at any time, and an expert technician will be available to help with questions, concerns, troubleshooting, repairs and more.

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Keep your job sites safe and productive with the help of The Cat Rental Store. For more information about our demolition rental equipment, contact us online for a quote.

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