Thumb Attachment Rentals

At The Cat® Rental Store, we have a huge inventory filled with Cat products and other brands of industrial and construction equipment. Our current stock contains multiple thumb attachments, which are designed to lift heavy objects and make your high-demand projects more efficient. Our thumb attachment rentals are strong and easy to use with your heavy equipment, making them ideal for landscaping and excavating applications.

Our Inventory of Thumb Attachment Rentals

Thumb attachments give construction backhoes and excavators the ability to more safely and effectively lift heavy items. If you need equipment with the ability to maintain a grip on a specific object, a thumb rental that's built with solid teeth and resilient material will keep your operations running smoothly.

We offer a variety of Cat products and other types of instruments for construction workers and excavators who need project-specific equipment.

The stiff link thumb has three teeth and is optimal for the lifting and movement of bulky objects and materials. What sets stiff link thumbs apart is their multiple static operating positions and ability to take on almost any number of bucket applications. When the bucket or scoop offers less functionality than you need, the thumb offers a solution. Our products allow your machine to grab and sort many different kinds of objects.

Whether you’re looking for a product like the stiff link thumb, you can rent a piece of equipment that increases operational speed while maintaining cost-effectiveness and energy-efficiency from The Cat Rental Store.

Why Rent a Thumb Attachment From The Cat® Rental Store?

At The Cat Rental Store, you will find all the industrial equipment you need. Because we offer all the most recent technology, along with onsite and online support, you can rest assured that our thumb attachment rentals will deliver exceptional performance and service.

Thumb attachments work well for large construction projects and land-clearing applications, so if you’re working on a specific project like these, our products can help with the heavy lifting. This makes the lives of your team members easier while creating a safer environment for them to complete their duties. We conduct thorough inspections of all our rental thumb attachments and other products to ensure their strength and quality.

When you rent a thumb attachment from The Cat Rental Store, you can count on the versatility and convenience that it offers. Whether you’re moving large, hefty objects or loose materials, we have a solution on hand.

Add a Thumb Attachment to Your Cart

If you need a little extra support for your heavy machinery’s bucket or rake, give your next project a boost with one of our thumb rentals. We have rental equipment of all types, and we’ll go the extra mile to make sure it helps your organization reach its goals. Call us at 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information about our thumb attachment rentals or request a quote online today.

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