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The customer portal is the latest release from The Cat Rental Store. Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for you to access your information. All members can access the portal from both desktop and mobile devices. 

Our accessible portal makes it easy to manage and monitor your rental equipment so you can find the information you need whenever you need it. Learn more about our latest portal development and how you can increase your performance and management skills.

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What You Will Find on the portal

On the website and mobile app, there are different tools that you can access. You can easily manage all your equipment rentals, operations, and interact with your local dealer digitally.

You have more control over your account with the online and mobile portal, as it contains the following details and information for quick review: 

  • Active and upcoming rentals
  • Jobsite data
  • Invoices, rates and contract details
  • Telematics
  • Equipment Status

Along with accessing these documents, you can perform a variety of tasks. From the portal, you can request a quote, browse rental equipment, and find and contact your nearest Cat dealer. You can also request on-site service for your equipment, transfer equipment between jobs and extend your rental contracts, all from one convenient interface. 

You can use the rental portal to track your equipment and maintain open avenues of communication.


There are several benefits of the portal. Use the rental portal to track your equipment and maintain open avenues of communication. Wherever you are, you will have a consistent digital experience. You can fully manage your account digitally instead of filing and storing paper contracts. You will drastically increase your efficiency and better control how you rent equipment. 

When you need answers, you might not have time to wait for a response from your dealer. The portal gives you the power to search for and find help without making a trip or a phone call. You can access your account at any time of day and locate what you need immediately. 

The portal includes online telematics features from Product Link™ to provide even more insight into your fleet's operations. The GPS device on each machine monitors its fuel level, location and time utilization. This data lets you increase your productivity by ensuring your resources are being used efficiently.

Manage Your Rentals From The Cat Rental Store

We pride ourselves on innovation and convenience. That's why we constantly look for ways to make your experience faster, simpler and better. With The customer portal, you can work smarter by keeping track of your whole fleet with a single user-friendly resource. 

Find the equipment you need through our online inventory. Get started today and browse The Cat Rental Store to jump-start your next project.

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The customer portal is available on iOS or Android.