Pulverizer Attachment Rentals

If you work in the demolition industry, chances are you sometimes need a heavy-duty pulverizer to keep projects running on schedule. Our extensive inventory includes industry-grade pulverizer attachment rentals, which are designed to deliver excellent crushing ability. When you choose a pulverizer attachment from The Cat® Rental Store, you’ll know you’re getting a combination of quality and rugged durability.

Our pulverizer attachment rentals will offer the speed and reliability you need to ensure the timely completion of your next project. We’ll be your partners in the quest to set your company up for future success.

Rent a Pulverizer Attachment from The Cat® Rental Store

Pulverizers offer a quick, simple solution for workers in the demolition industry. A person with a high-quality pulverizer attachment can cut and crush a huge volume of concrete in a relatively short amount of time. Our pulverizer rentals work best in secondary demolition projects, allowing employees to work at a fast pace and complete their duties more efficiently.

The Cat Rental Store has the P235 pulverizer attachment in stock for companies looking to implement more cost-effective solutions. This product will attach to one of your current pieces of machinery. This means you’ll be able to save money on equipment for your upcoming project due to having multiple jobs covered by a single machine.

The P235 pulverizer rental has a concrete thickness capacity of 35.4 inches, along with a jaw depth of 43.4 inches. Large obstacles and concrete slabs are easy to manage thanks to this product's size, raw power and high level of productivity. As long as you have a job to do, we have a piece of pulverizing equipment that will fulfill your requirements.

Use a Pulverizer Rental for All Your Demolition Needs

At The Cat Rental Store, our goal is to provide equipment that will help your next demolition project go off without a hitch. All our pulverizers are made to last, and we do regular before-and-after inspections to verify the safety and effectiveness of each product.

We know how important it is to have access to sustainable, efficient demolition and construction equipment. Renting any tool or piece of machinery takes trust on the side of both the provider and the client, and you can trust our pulverizers to offer dependable high-speed service. Our pulverizing equipment will help keep the budget under control as you take on any upcoming projects. You may even be able to finish up the next project sooner and get ahead on future jobs.

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Pulverizer attachment rentals from The Cat Rental Store can provide the boost your organization needs to grow. The flexibility and brute force of this product will free your workers to strike a better balance between tasks and make the most of each workday.

Our team is available 24 hours a day to assist you, so request a quick quote today or call 1-800-RENT-CAT for more information. Rent pulverizer equipment from the business that will do whatever it takes!

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