Waste Management Rental Equipment

Waste Management Rental Equipment

Waste management is a demanding industry. When you’re handling heavy loads under harsh conditions, it’s important to have access to equipment you trust. You need waste management equipment that gets the job done on time without compromising the safety of your workers. The Cat® Rental Store offers a solution to meet your demands. If you need a quick replacement or a solution for a specific project, we have all types of waste management rental equipment in our inventory.

The Waste Management Industry

Waste management requires you to handle all types of applications, from dumping refuse and compacting materials to transporting recyclables. Members of the waste industry may need to gather, move, treat and dispose of waste according to strict regulations. This industry is also constantly growing as people produce more waste.

If you work for a waste management company, you may have experience using a variety of equipment. Waste applications call for heavy-duty loaders, compactors and graders that can handle even the most challenging environments.

How The Cat® Rental Store Can Enhance Your Business

At The Cat Rental Store, we understand the demands of the waste management industry. That’s why we carry waste equipment from Caterpillar and a variety of other major brands. We support waste management businesses by providing equipment rentals and services to fleets of all shapes and sizes.

Renting equipment when you need a quick replacement or an extra source of support can save you time and money by:

  • Helping you increase productivity
  • Improving your response time in emergencies
  • Giving you access to a greater number of equipment options
  • Cutting maintenance and repair costs
  • Ensuring equipment safety compliance

When you partner with one of our dealers, you can trust our waste management rental equipment to be durable and reliable. Over time, implementing a rental strategy could be the key to staying productive and efficient.

Our Inventory of Rental Equipment for Waste Management

The Cat Rental Store offers a broad inventory of rental equipment for waste management applications. The waste management solutions we have available include:

  • Material handlers: Our waste handlers are powerful and durable, capable of lifting almost any load.
  • Compactors: Compactors flatten waste materials, making them easier to transport.
  • Dozers: We have a variety of light and heavy-duty dozers for pushing applications.
  • Loaders: Our wheel loaders and other similar products are designed to transport and load waste materials onto trucks.
  • Trucks: Articulated dump trucks make it easy to transport waste and recyclables over long distances.

We also have trommels, attachments, excavators and more that can help with waste management and disposal.

Why Partner With a Cat Dealer?

Partnering with a Cat dealer gives you access to a variety of benefits, including our commitment to quality and cutting-edge technology. We keep our rentals up to date so you can maintain optimal performance from start to finish. Our waste management rental equipment options are flexible, and we’ll work with you to find a suitable solution. Our more than 1,300 dealers around the world also offer onsite support services — if you’re using a long-term rental, you can reach out at any time for assistance.

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