Water Delivery System Rentals

Are you on the lookout for a more economical and environmentally friendly water delivery method for your trucks? With The Cat® Rental Store's selection of water delivery system rentals, your workers can focus on providing the optimal amount of water without losing efficiency or performance. This is a simple, low-maintenance option for companies in the work tool industry that are planning to update their water management strategy.

High-Tech Water Delivery Systems From The Cat® Rental Store

If your organization is ready to move into the world of modern automation, our water delivery systems offer all the capabilities and advanced technology you need. At The Cat Rental Store, we provide both a water delivery system factory option and a retrofit kit. If you have or plan to rent one of our 777F, 777G or 785D off-highway trucks, we have a water delivery system for you.

Our water delivery system rentals can spray up to 2,839 liters of water in one minute at a range of 60 meters. Spray patterns adjust according to speed in order to prevent over-watering.

Why Do You Need a Water Delivery System Rental?

The water delivery systems in our inventory are selected with you in mind. We want to provide rental solutions that will have a long-term positive impact, and that’s exactly what our water delivery systems do. Some of their benefits include:

  • Eco-friendly design: Conserving energy is a priority we take seriously at The Cat Rental Store. The eco-friendly design of our water delivery system rentals allows you to save fuel, which is both gentle on the environment and on your finances. Our systems also reduce water waste thanks to their highly structured spray methods.
  • Enhanced safety: Proper safety measures are must-haves for people who work in industrial settings. Cat water delivery system technology consists of automated features like changing water flow according to speed, auto-shutoff abilities to prevent overflow and remote tank filling controls. These features make life easier for the worker and increase safety for other employees at the job site.
  • Higher efficiency: Our systems use high-efficiency pumps and motors combined with automated technology to make your work environments more productive. With the advanced automation options we offer, you can save the time it would take to do tasks manually and accomplish more each day.
  • Lower costs Thanks to the increased safety, productivity and energy-efficiency that our equipment provides, you’ll have the opportunity to save money on your next big project. This will allow you to earn more profits for the project and even get ahead on future jobs.

Rent a Water Delivery System From Us

You need trustworthy water delivery system solutions, and we’re happy to help you find everything you’re looking for. At The Cat Rental Store, we serve over 1,300 locations worldwide, so wherever you are, there’s a dealer waiting to connect you with the equipment you need. Our professionals are available 24 hours a day, so feel free to call any time or request a quote to learn more.

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