Tandem Vibratory Roller Rentals

Tandem vibratory rollers feature large front and rear drums, enabling them to compact the surface in front of and behind the machine simultaneously. This functionality provides additional power for heavy asphalt applications and increases speed and efficiency by allowing the roller to cover twice the area in one pass. 

The Cat® Rental Store carries a wide assortment of Cat tandem vibratory rollers for highway paving work and other large-scale flattening and leveling projects. Get a high-quality product at a competitive rate and receive attentive service from a local dealer you can trust. 

About Cat® Tandem Vibratory Roller Rentals

Caterpillar manufactures tandem vibratory rollers with multiple drum options to meet various job site requirements. All models have a smooth operating powertrain to maximize the machine's performance. The innovative split-drum design provides reliable results when making turns, while the oscillating hitch improves ride quality on uneven terrain. 

The advanced Cat compaction control features found on many models include infrared sensors that inform the operator of the optimal temperature for compaction. The pass-count mapping tool indicates where mat coverage has occurred and the number of passes. 

Although these are vibrating machines, the equipment operators won't feel it due to the vibration-absorbing floor mat and other built-in comfort features. The exceptional visibility and control enhance the operator's performance and promote safety. 

The Cat Rental Store offers tandem vibratory roller rentals in several weight, horsepower and drum width options. The rental specialists at any of the more than 1,300 dealer locations can help you choose the right product for your applications and budget. 

Experience the Benefits of Renting Equipment

Renting equipment can help your business move forward in several ways:

  • Reduced costs: You'll spend less on equipment-related expenses like repairs, maintenance, insurance and storage, which can boost your company's bottom line.
  • More opportunities: Renting makes it easy and convenient to acquire the most appropriate machine for any job. You'll never have to turn down a project because you don't have the right equipment.
  • Improved performance: A late-model rental includes advanced technologies that allow operators to work more efficiently and productively. 
  • Purchasing certainty: If you're considering buying a machine, you can rent it first to ensure it meets your expectations.

Why Choose The Cat Rental Store?

At The Cat Rental Store, we strive to provide the best possible customer experience. We'll work with you to set up a flexible, affordable rental program that fits your time frame and budget. We can even deliver the machine to your job site, saving time, labor and money. 

Your local dealer can provide timely on-site maintenance and repair service to maximize uptime. You'll also have access to training and technical support whenever you need it. 

Contact Us for Your Next Tandem Vibratory Roller Rental

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