Concrete Core Drill Rental

Do you need a powerful, easy-to-use drill for making holes in concrete objects and surfaces? A concrete core drill is a perfect tool for the job. This drill creates perfectly round holes in concrete structures like floors, walls and ceilings. These holes allow the concrete structure to accommodate:

  • Ventilation channels for HVAC ducts, sprinkler systems, plumbing, phone lines and more
  • Barriers like stair rails and fences
  • Stitch drilling projects that need multiple adjacent holes

The concrete core drill efficiently cuts through the material using a rotating steel tube shaft with diamond segments on the end. Core drilling into concrete is a task on virtually every construction project, so crews need access to the correct equipment to handle it efficiently. 

The Cat® Rental Store carries a vast variety of concrete drill rental units at competitive rates. We offer high-performing products from leading manufacturers along with flexible daily, weekly, monthly and long-term rental agreements.

Our Concrete Equipment Rental Brands

The Cat Rental Store strives to provide a wide variety of rental options so our clients can rent a tool that fits their exact specifications. Having a diverse selection means having concrete core drill rental models from many manufacturers. You'll find Cat equipment and more than 70 other brands in our rental inventory. Whether you rent a concrete core drill from the long-established Caterpillar or another manufacturer, you can trust it will be a quality, reliable rental that will get the job done.

Our rental concrete core drill manufacturers include:

Diamond Products

Diamond Products is a well-established manufacturer of diamond equipment based out of Elyria, Ohio. The company is an industry leader that provides excellent solutions for difficult tasks. They make coring equipment, saws and blades for hard materials like concrete, asphalt, brick, masonry and tile. These concrete core drills are ideal for concrete installation and design in the HVAC, construction and utilities industries.

We have a few Diamond Products concrete core drills available for rent. These tools feature leveling bubbles for accuracy, a side handle for stability and a built-in water connection for wet applications.


Husqvarna has been in business since 1620 and entered the equipment manufacturing sector in 1918. The brand has a reputation for producing excellent commercial-grade products. Their concrete equipment is used by professionals in the utilities, masonry, forestry, landscaping and construction industries.

Our Husqvarna rental fleet includes many models of concrete core drills and other related tools, like handheld concrete cut-off saws. The core drills are made for any drilling task you might encounter since they can cut through solid materials like reinforced concrete and brick. Our rental models also have a tiltable stand for angled drilling.


The Cat Rental Store is ready to help you with every aspect of the rental process, including:

  • Expert assistance: Need help deciding which rental concrete core drill is right for you? Our expert team members will offer their professional recommendations.
  • Dedicated customer service: You'll experience the legendary customer service that Caterpillar has been known for more than 100 years.
  • Maintenance and repairs: You'll receive fast, reliable maintenance and repair service for as long as you use the rental concrete core drill.

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