The Cat® Rental Store has its roots deep in racing. The Cat Rental Store has even become the Official Heavy Equipment Provider of American Flat Track (AFT) to ensure racers have an exceptional track to drive on. Our equipment has been used for everything from reinvigorating raceways to saving a damaged AFT track.

Find out more about the ways The Cat Rental Store is impacting racing and taking raceways to the next level.

MotoGP Rider Jack Miller

Since he was three years old, Jack Miller grew up riding motorcycles at his farm in Townsville, Australia. That love of riding became a passion for motor racing as he now competes in the global MotoGP World Championships. 

Being around Cat equipment from an early age, Jack is equally as passionate about Cat equipment as his racing. His grandfather owned a D3 dozer, leading Jack to always want one for himself. In 2021, the vision became a reality when he bought a D3 dozer and 259D compact track loader to manage land and racing tracks in Australia.

Jack now proudly represents the Cat brand in his professional racing saying, “It’s something that I’ve dreamed of for a long time. To be aligned with a company that has so much history and such great products, the possibilities are endless. I feel so fortunate to be in this position and to be able to work with the great people at Caterpillar.”

Jack Miller sponsorship

Richmond Raceway Revitalization

The "D" shaped oval track of the Richmond Raceway is widely loved by many racing fans. To give fans a better experience close to the track, the Richmond Raceway wanted to do some work on their infield that required heavy-duty equipment. The goal was to create a more interactive infield that allowed fans to look into the garage areas to better see cars and race teams from walkways located only a few feet away. The Richmond Raceway also planned to add new luxury suites to the infield to give fans a premium experience down by the track.

New entertainment and concession offerings were also planned to add to the experience of the infield. The raceway planned to give fans with pit passes the opportunity to get an inside look at the race as well. To accomplish this goal, the upgraded infield was designed to give fans access to see the crews prepare for the race. With all these plans, the Richmond Raceway needed a company and equipment that could meet their high expectations.

To make these changes and ensure everything was completed with utmost quality, Donley's Concrete Group — the company put in charge of working on the infield expansion — turned to The Cat Rental Store. The infield entertainment area required Donley to place around 100,000 square feet of concrete slabs to support it. The staff at Donley knew they were facing a unique challenge due to the need to place concrete that racecars could drive over that could also support the many fans who were going to be walking over it while watching the race.

Donley selected The Cat Rental Sore for their equipment needs and quickly found us to be the ideal partner for the work. They rented soil compactorsskid steersplate compactorsmini excavatorswheel loaders and generators. They especially enjoyed the ability to keep the equipment as long as they needed it, as well as the ability to have Caterpillar remove equipment as soon as they were finished with it to avoid clutter.

The responsiveness of Cat dealerships made it possible for the team at Donley to get the job done right. As you might expect, there's no room for equipment downtime when it comes to working with concrete. Cat support was always ready to provide replacement equipment and get repairs done fast, eliminating the danger of downtime. By the end of the partnership, Donley had fulfilled the Richmond Raceway's vision for the new track with help from The Cat Rental Store's equipment.

American Flat Track Partnership

AFT named The Cat Rental Store as the Official Heavy Equipment Provider of American Flat Track in 2019. As the sport continues to grow, The Cat Rental Store's global network is in the perfect position to meet any of its needs. AFT events are held on dirt tracks, which Cat equipment is well-designed to support and keep in top condition.

This partnership came about after a deluge from inclement weather caused one of AFT's circuits to be unsuitable for racing just before the 2018 edition of the Peoria TT. The threat of the AFT's longest-running race being canceled was major, and the AFT turned to the Caterpillar Edwards Demonstration & Learning Operators to fix the track so the race could go on. Overnight, these operators used Cat equipment to resurface the racetrack. By morning, the operators had rescued the event and made it possible for the race to happen.

Two equipment types were essential to this project — the 623 Wheel Tractor Scraper and the 160 Motor Grader. These machines prepared the track for racecars and ensured the ground was stable enough to support high-speed racing. What's more, it was all handled right before the race.

The 623 Wheel Tractor Scraper used its blade to peel the top layer of the track away. Underneath this layer, there was a smooth, tacky surface well-suited for racing. This machine conditioned the material as it removed it, and it compacted the ground to create stability.

Once the wheel tractor scraper passed over the track, the 160 Motor Grader took over. The track material contained clay and moisture that required grading precision. Without motor grading, the racecars would have slipped around the track and lacked the traction they needed for speed. Our motor grader cleared the track of just enough mud and clay to prevent potholes and avoid high mud levels that could disrupt the race.

These two Cat machines combined, paired with the expertise of our operators, created an ideal track, so the racing event could continue. Integrated efficiency tools and experienced operators allowed our team to tackle this job with precision within the short time frame we had.

With such impressive work by the operators and their equipment, AFT knew a continued partnership with The Cat Rental Store would give them the security they needed to provide well-groomed racetracks to their drivers. From preparation to the maintenance of the race tracks, The Cat Rental Store is well prepared to provide equipment efficiently.

For each race, the AFT has the ability to receive whatever machine they need from the largest construction equipment rental fleet across the globe. Common machines the AFT relies upon include Cat excavators, pavers, compactors, backhoes, skid steer loaders and earthmoving machines. The Cat Rental Store also provides the AFT with 60 other high-quality brands for concrete equipmentcompressorsdumpersHVAC and aerial work platforms. With Cat equipment and dealership support in their corner, the AFT can be confident any race they hold will have a track racers and fans will love.

American Flat Track is the world's premier dirt track motorcycle racing series and America's Original Extreme Sport. See how they partner with The Cat® Rental Store to prep their racetracks for big events in Peoria, Illinois.

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