Cat® Compact

Cat® Compact

Jobs like working in landfills, preparing a site or paving a road require specific compactness levels. With Cat® Compact, operators can compact efficiently and accurately. Cat Compact provides in-cab feedback for operators during compaction to achieve uniform density in as few passes as possible. As a result, project costs will decrease, leaving you the potential for substantially higher profits.

Features of Cat Compact

Cat Compact technology helps operators meet their project specifications every time for optimal control and coverage. The features of Cat Compact include:

  • Precise navigation: The navigation technology alerts operators to their progress and coverage.
  • Advanced compaction measurement: This measurement feature ensures that each pass delivers the proper compaction and yields valuable compaction data.
  • Instant feedback: Operators can receive feedback in the cab right away. This data helps them determine which areas are left to cover and identify which zones have already been compacted.
  • Data reports: Cat Compact provides coverage and compaction data, so project managers can verify that the job was completed correctly and met all specifications.

Cat Compact is available in different technology options, including compaction measurement, 3D mapping and machine-to-machine communication so you can select the solution that's best for your application and budget.

Cat Compact comes installed as a factory attachment on select models:

  • Pneumatic tire rollers
  • Asphalt compactors
  • Landfill compactors
  • Soil and aggregate compactors

On these machines, you can improve your project's quality, uniformity and completion time while needing less fuel, passes and labor hours. You can also work with your local dealer to retrofit Cat Compact onto older Cat equipment or machinery from other manufacturers.

Why Install Cat Compact Technology in Your Equipment?

With Cat Compact installed in your soil compactors and tire rollers, your operations will gain many benefits. Advantages include:

  • Reduces material costs: Cat Compact technology reduces material expenditures since projects are done correctly the first time.
  • Lower equipment wear: When compaction goals are achieved in one run, your machinery sees less use. This means that equipment components — and the machine itself — will last longer.
  • Increases speed: Cat Compact allows compaction tasks to be completed with more accuracy and quickness than previously possible. As a result, your projects can be finished sooner, letting you work within tight deadlines.
  • Eliminates rework: Compaction tasks that aren't completed correctly the first time require rework, which wastes time. Since Cat Compact technology allows operators to verify that they're meeting the assignment's goals, rework is avoided.
  • Boost profits: When compaction is more accurate and cost-effective, you'll improve your bottom line and see greater profit on your projects.

Contact Your Local Dealer for More Information About Cat Compact

Compaction projects benefit from accuracy and efficiency, and Cat Compact will help your operators meet both goals. With access to real-time data about compaction levels, your operators can work with confidence, and your projects can realize higher profits and less rework.

Talk to your local Cat dealer about installing Cat Compact technology in your fleet. Find your area dealer to request more information or buy Cat Compact aftermarket parts.

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