Shear Attachment Rentals

You need powerful equipment that will allow you to cut up hard materials in construction and demolition environments. With the right pair of shears, cutting through metal structures on site will be a breeze. That’s why The Cat® Rental Store has workplace-ready shear attachments for industrial workers in need of reliable demolition solutions. Our shear attachment rentals will help you take on some of the most high-demand projects — and thanks to their speed and strength potential, you'll be more likely to succeed ahead of schedule each time.

We know you have high standards of performance for your tools and machinery. If you’re ready to enhance your company's productivity, then we’re ready to serve you.

Shear Rentals From The Cat® Rental Store

Shear attachments are common in the demolition industry thanks to their level of efficiency in cutting through solid materials. Workers often use these to cut objects like support beams, and this can help speed up the demolition process. As long as you have a pair of these shears attached to your equipment, you’ll be able to tackle almost any job while making the most of your time and money.

Our inventory of Cat shears includes the S2050 Straight Scrap and Demolition Shear rental. This tool is effective at cutting through everything from solid steel to mixed scrap. It's also designed to reduce inefficiencies that can slow down operations, such as jamming and excessive blade wear. We offer multiple options for this product, including straight, rotating, boom-mounted and stick-mounted.

This product has an upper jaw made of solid plate, which is designed to increase the shear attachment's durability. With an apex force of 340 ton-f and a throat force of 741 ton-f, the Straight Scrap and Demolition Shear has the strength to handle major demands while allowing you to increase ROI. 

Why Rent Our Shear Attachments

Equipment malfunctions and inconsistencies can lead to project downtime for your business. Our shear attachment rentals give you the freedom to overcome these types of challenges thanks to their versatility and toughness. We conduct frequent inspections of our products to make sure they’re in ideal condition before and after we rent them out.

Our flexibility is what allows us to build relationships with so many different organizations across a variety of industries. When you rent a pair of Cat shears, we’ll make sure you receive the proper product and support. Our shears are fast, durable and easy to maintain, which means you can count on reliable service and lower costs.

Experience The Cat Rental Store Support and Shearing Equipment

Our shear attachment rentals will allow you to make progress on your business’s efficiency and technology. If you have any questions or concerns, we’ll be happy to help through our 24-hour phone services or online and onsite support. Rent shearing equipment today from the people who will take any steps necessary to ensure your satisfaction. Request a quick quote to learn more about our products.

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