Truss Boom Attachment Rentals

Working in construction is all about finding the piece of machinery best equipped to handle each job. Thanks to the ever-evolving technology in this industry, machinery is constantly becoming more convenient, efficient and user-friendly. We help you stay on top of the latest technology at The Cat® Rental Store with our inventory of industrial truss boom attachment rentals. If you’re looking for a piece of equipment strong enough to lift objects too heavy for a person or group to manage alone, this product will be worth your time.

Enhance Project Operations With a Truss Boom Attachment From The Cat® Rental Store

When you work on a house or commercial structure, you need machinery that’s capable of lifting large equipment and materials. The right truss boom attachment for your business is one that meets all your lift capacity, durability and productivity requirements. Truss booms can come in handy for residential, commercial and industrial applications, such as lifting beams, heavy equipment and roof trusses. Our truss boom attachment rentals will handle all these duties so your workers can focus on completing the job more quickly.

You can rely on our 13 FT Truss Boom product to ensure you have the ability to easily lift and place heavy items located at the project site. This truss boom is versatile and can handle up to 1,102 pounds at a time. Whatever types of heavy equipment and materials you have on-site, we offer a piece of equipment that can help manage them more effectively.

Sitting at 13 feet in overall length, our truss boom rental has the size and strength to lift more materials while protecting the safety and budget of your company. This attachment will partner up with your current machinery to increase the productivity of your workers and equipment.

We’re Committed to Your Progress

We want to help all our clients make progress that will stay with them. Our truss boom attachment rental solutions are economical, flexible and easy to integrate with compatible machinery. When you rent a truss boom from us, you’ll be able to use its extensive capabilities and convenient design to speed up processes and reduce downtime. The time you save will translate to greater profits as you complete the project and move on to the next job.

Do you want to make sure you have what it takes to stay in competition with industry leaders? The tried-and-true technology of our truss boom attachment rental equipment allows you to prove the reputability of your services in practice. With resources like ours, you’ll have all the lifting power you need.

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