Energy Rental Equipment

Energy Rental Equipment

It takes a precise combination of various equipment types to design, install and operate an industrial power system. The Cat® Rental Store makes this challenging task much easier to manage. We supply businesses in a wide range of industries with an assortment of energy rental equipment at affordable rates. You'll also receive expert assistance in setting up a comprehensive delivery system tailored to your company's needs.

Brand-Name Rental Equipment for Industrial Power

Reliability is perhaps the most crucial factor when choosing power generation equipment. Our locations have an assortment of electrical power products from Caterpillar, the industry's most trusted brand.

Our inventory includes:

  • Generators. We offer prime, continuous, standby and mobile generators that can serve as dependable power sources at your facility. Diesel and natural gas models are available in various sizes and capacities.
  • Switchgear. Switchgear protects electrical equipment by detecting overloads and overcurrents. It also isolates the circuits and provides control when measuring the electrical load.
  • Automatic transfer switches (ATS). An ATS ensures the seamless delivery of electrical power from its source to a connected load circuit. It provides the timely and efficient transfer of electricity from a primary to an alternate source during an outage.

These products and other connected equipment must work together flawlessly to ensure maximum power system performance. The team at The Cat Rental Store has the expertise to integrate each component and ensure it functions correctly and safely. When you work with us, you'll get a customized power generation solution you can trust.

Why Turn to Us for Energy Rental Equipment?

Our value to your company extends well beyond offering high-quality products and extensive energy system expertise. We'll also help you set up flexible rental terms based on how long you need the equipment. We'll even deliver your rental to your facility at a low cost, or you can pick it up at one of our global locations if you prefer.

After we help configure and install your system, we can show you how to use it efficiently and safely. We'll even take care of repairs and maintenance, removing the burden from your shoulders.

Renting Offers Multiple Business Benefits

Using energy rental equipment adds value to your business in many ways:

  • Allows you to acquire much-needed equipment quickly and without hassles
  • Makes it easier to match products with specific uses and project requirements
  • Frees up extra capital for investing in your business operations or other purposes
  • Enables you to test one or several products you're thinking of purchasing before making a commitment
  • Generates a stronger balance sheet — rentals won't show as a liability
  • Helps you reduce or avoid maintenance, repair and storage costs
  • Provides your crews with access to the latest technology — they'll work smarter, not harder

Learn More About Rental Equipment for Industrial Power

Find out how The Cat Rental Store location near you can help with your industrial power needs. Stop by in-store or give our rental specialists a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT today. Feel free to request a fast, no-obligation quote online at your convenience.

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