Ride-On Trencher Rentals

Ride-on trenchers are ideally suited for applications that require deeper digging depths beyond the capabilities of most walk-behind trenchers. The Cat® Rental Store offers an assortment of ride-on trencher rental units from Ditch Witch and Vermeer.

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Our Fleet Of Ride-on Trencher Rentals

The Cat Rental Store believes in providing you with low-hour, high-performing machines. That's why our dealers offer trencher rentals from Ditch Witch and Vermeer.  

The Ditch Witch is a trade name for Charles Machine Works, a subsidiary of Toro Company. The company found its beginning in 1949 when Ed Malzahn replaced the shovel and pick with the invention of the compact trenching machine. Decades later, Ditch Witch specializes in various models of underground utility construction equipment. 

The Vermeer Corporation introduced the self-propelled Pow-R-Ditcher in 1956 and now offers heavy-duty trenchers for a variety of settings. These high-quality machines can cut several feet per minute to create straight walls and a clean, level bottom. Vermeer trenchers cut their own spoils to provide built-in backfill for your trench with speed and efficiency.

  • Ditch Witch 3700CD: The 3700CD delivers 50 horsepower at 2800-governed rpm and features a cassette-type fuel injection system. The machine also provides a maximum digging depth of 64 inches and a digging width of 12 inches.
  • Ditch Witch RT80 Quad: This ride-on trencher rental is an excellent choice for everything from short drops to long hauls. With three forward and three reverse speeds, operators can easily adapt the performance of the machine to the task at hand. The innovative Quad Track System provides sufficient stability, regardless of the terrain or operating conditions.
  • Ditch Witch RT95: The RT95 produces a robust power output of 99 horsepower, ensuring peak performance in high-demand trenching applications. This ride-on-trencher rental also provides a maximum digging depth of 97 inches and a maximum digging width of 24 inches.
  • Ditch Witch SK850 TR50: This Ditch Witch model combines the functionality of a mini skid steer loader with superior trenching capabilities. The Tier 4 Final Yanmar diesel engine produces 37 horsepower, 30 of which powers the attachment in use. The machine features a digging depth of 36 inches and a digging width of 16 inches.
  • Vermeer V8550A: The V8550A from Vermeer features a powerful Cummins engine that produces 90 horsepower and a hydrostatic transmission designed to minimize power disruptions. The machine's maximum digging depth is 72 inches while the digging width ranges from 6-18 inches.


Common applications of both types of trenchers include laying electric transmission lines, pipeline installation, water and sewer installation, and water management. When installing natural gas and oil pipelines, trenchers help prepare space to set the line a specific distance from the surface. 

Trenchers can dig trenches that place electric transmission lines a set amount below the frost line. These machines aid water and sewer line installation by cutting cleanly through even rocky earth. 

Trenchers can also open ditches and place corrugated tiles to create a flow channel for water management on farms and highways. Tiling a farm field can prevent soil erosion and help irrigate crops. Digging around highways can create runoff sections that increase the overall useful life of the road. 

There are several unique advantages of trenchers that can benefit any job site: 

  • Backfilling: In specific scenarios, a trencher can use spoil as backfill without concerns about crushing. 
  • Specialized performance: A single trencher can complete the work of several excavators in certain applications. 
  • Clean cutting: A trencher provides a clean and straight ditch wall and floor.

Experience the Benefits of a Ride-On Trencher Rental

Renting a ride-on trencher allows you to expand your equipment inventory without incurring significant upfront expenses. If you need an extra machine or two to meet a tight project deadline, renting provides a fast, cost-effective way to increase your fleet. A rental also enables you to acquire a project-specific machine so you can complete the task more efficiently. And if you need a quick replacement for a trencher that's out of commission, a rental from the Cat Rental Store can have you back in business in no time.

The Cat® Rental Store Makes It Easy to Rent a Ride-On Trencher

The nearby Cat Rental Store simplifies the ride-on trencher rental process. Our goal is to set you up with the equipment you need as quickly as possible so you can keep your projects on schedule. We'll help you with product selection and provide a customized rental agreement that works for your company. We'll also take care of maintenance and repairs for the duration of your rental term.

Contact the Cat Rental Store for Your Next Ride-On Trencher Rental

The Cat Rental Store can help you find the best ride-on-trencher rental for your applications and budget. To learn more about our equipment offerings, give us a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT. You can also contact us online to get a quick quote for any of our trencher models and rent whatever you need from people who do whatever it takes.

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