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Equipment Rental Brands

The Cat® Rental Store partners with over 70 brands to help you finish construction efficiently. We know our customers expect top-quality rental equipment that arrives ready to go to work, so we provide OEM solutions from industry leaders to ensure you have whatever it takes to get the job done. 

Brands That Help You Do Construction

Construction work involves a lot of moving parts, so contractors need brands they can rely on. At The Cat Rental Store, we've partnered with numerous brands that specialize in construction equipment. Our partnerships provide you with forklifts that can handle any terrain. Trenching machines for installing utilities underground. 

Whether you need a rugged Cat bulldozer to handle earthmoving tasks or a capable light tower to keep projects moving after hours, you'll find construction equipment rentals from top brands at The Cat Rental Store.

Agriculture Made Easy

Agriculture is another demanding field that involves a diverse array of machinery.  Our partners provide rugged equipment that works well in several industries that need tough material handling solutions. Since some areas of the agriculture industry involve strict cleanliness and sanitizing protocols, we also offer rental equipment to help you comply with applicable regulations.  

No matter which part of the agricultural sector you work in, The Cat Rental Store can help you find the machines and attachments you need to stay productive.

Material Transportation

Transporting materials is a crucial part of many industries. Whether you move loads over short or long distances, The Cat Rental Store offers many brands of transportation equipment for various sectors.

Trailers help haul large, heavy loads in the agriculture, industrial and construction industries. Our dealers can also provide rentals to enable transport of fluids, as well as many different makes of forklifts, aerial lifts, skid steers and more.

Find Leading Construction Equipment Rental Brands at The Cat® Rental Store

When you work with The Cat Rental Store, our network will help you find the equipment rental brands that work for your job. Our dealers provide contractors and construction workers worldwide with the equipment to complete their jobs safely and productively.

With over 1,300 locations all over the globe, The Cat Rental Store is available to you wherever you work. Our teams at each store will work with you to make sure you find the equipment rentals required for your job site. With flexible rental periods and reliable products from 70-plus OEM partners, The Cat Rental Store has what you need.

For all your rental equipment needs, find a store near you today to get started.

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Browse 1954 Mfg. Equipment

1954 Mfg.

1954 Mfg. produces water trucks, flatbed trucks and dump trucks in their facility in Graham, Texas. Each machine is made with attention to detail and thoroughly inspected to ensure its quality. The company was founded in 2014 and has quickly become a trusted name in the industry.

Browse 1954 Mfg. Equipment
Allmand Rental Equipment


For more than 80 years, Allmand has been working closely with its customer to develop innovative and reliable solutions. Allmand products enable companies in industries like construction mining and oil and gas.

Browse Allmand Equipment
American Pneumatic Tools Rental Equipment

American Pneumatic Tools

Since 1938, American Pneumatic Tools has been delivering innovative, powerful, and user-friendly tool solutions for many different industries. Over time, they've expanded their product range to include a complete selection of pneumatic tools, portable power, and hydraulic tools.

Browse American Pneumatic Tools Equipment
Atlas Copco Rental Equipment

Atlas Copco

A Swedish-based manufacturer of air compressors and other innovative industrial equipment, Atlas Copco has been around since 1873. The company focuses on producing clean, safe, technologically advanced equipment.

Browse Atlas Copco Equipment
Billy Goat Rental Equipment

Billy Goat

Billy Goat is a leading manufacturer and designer of outdoor property cleanup equipment and specialty turf products. Billy Goat was founded in 1967 in Kansas City, Missouri, as a subsidiary of Clipper Manufacturing, and they are now owned by Briggs & Stratton, LLC.

Browse Billy Goat Equipment
Bomag Rental Equipment


The BOMAG brand is known for trusted quality in industrial markets. BOMAG has been active in the waste, soil and paving industries for over 60 years, helping businesses improve their fleet technology and strategies.

Browse Bomag Equipment
Bravi Platforms Rental Equipment

Bravi Platforms

Bravi Platforms is a mobile platform production company based in Italy. Their goal is to create products that allow crew members to work at low-level heights safely and efficiently.

Browse Bravi Platforms Equipment
Brendon Powerwashers Rental Equipment

Brendon Powerwashers

Brendon Powerwashers is a family business that was founded in 1984. Their first power washer model was created in 1979 for a local farmer and landowner. Today, the company is based in the United Kingdom and manufactures industrial pressure washer equipment.

Browse Brendon Powerwashers Equipment
Broderson Rental Equipment


Founded in 1973, Broderson built a reputation for quality and reliability in manufacturing innovative lift equipment. Today, Broderson produces high-quality cranes engineered to operate in challenging environments.

Browse Broderson Equipment
Campo Equipment Rental Equipment

Campo Equipment

Campo Equipment provides trusted heating solutions that deliver on excellence, quality and innovation. This manufacturer's products are recognized globally and offer lasting and effective results.

Browse Campo Equipment
Carmix Rental Equipment


Carmix's most notable products include its selection of concrete mixing, loading and transport equipment. Learn more about our equipment today.

Browse Carmix Equipment
CAT® rental equipment


Whatever your industry, we’re your source for Cat® rental equipment — with solutions for everything from agriculture to heavy construction.

Browse Cat Equipment
Club Car Rental Equipment

Club Car

Club Car has spent 60 years designing carts that are comfortable and easy to operate in industrial outdoor environments. Learn more about Club Car today.

Browse Club Car Equipment
Curry Supply Rental Equipment

Curry Supply

Curry Supply started in 1932 as a general store in Pennsylvania. Since the 1970s, the company has been selling trucks and other industrial equipment to major markets.

Browse Curry Supply Equipment
Diamond Products Rental Equipment

Diamond Products

Diamond Products is based out of Elyria, Ohio, and is one of the largest manufacturers of diamond equipment in the country. They make blades, saws and coring equipment that will help you get challenging jobs done quickly and efficiently.

Browse Diamond Products Equipment
Ditch Witch Rental Equipment

Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch started in 1949, when the founder created a compact trenching machine to replace a shovel and pick. Today, the brand makes various models of underground utility construction equipment and is considered to be the industry's expert in underground work.


Browse Ditch Witch Equipment
Dryair Rental Equipment


Founded in 1994, Dryair began with a mission to develop hydronic cooling and heating systems for various applications. Their first product launch in 1997 was an intuitive grain drying solution for the agricultural industry, and their product offerings continued to grow over the decades that followed.

Browse Dryair Equipment
Efficiency Production Rental Equipment

Efficiency Production

Efficiency Production is a company of Arcosa Shoring Products that manufactures trench shielding and shoring systems. In business since 1971, they were the first company to sell trench shields in the United States. Their systems are now the most trusted and best known for trench applications around the world.

Browse Efficiency Production Equipment
Emiliana Serbatoi Rental Equipment

Emiliana Serbatoi

Emiliana Serbatoi has been a leading manufacturer of refueling control and management systems, tanks, and fuel storage, distribution and transport systems for over 35 years. The brand has a reputation among professionals for providing innovative, trustworthy products.


Browse Emiliana Serbatoi Equipment
Genie Rental Equipment


Our inventory includes an assortment of Genie aerial lift machines that will enable you to work at heights safely and productively.

Browse Genie Equipment
Global Pump Rental Equipment

Global Pump

Global Pump originated in 1997 in Davison, Michigan, when a dewatering and bypass contractor set out to create the most rugged and dependable pump on the market.

Browse Global Pump Equipment
GME Rental Equipment


GME has remained an industry leader since the 1960s. Today, the company produces steel and aluminum shoring equipment that finds use at many job sites around the world.

Browse GME Equipment
Godwin Pumps Rental Equipment

Godwin Pumps

Godwin is a pump brand that's owned by the water technology manufacturer, Xylem Inc. Founded in 2011, Xylem distributes products and services in more than 150 countries worldwide. The company is known for providing wastewater and applied water solutions to businesses and residences.

Browse Godwin Pumps Equipment
Gorman-Rupp Rental Equipment


Gorman-Rupp has specialized in pumps and pump systems since 1933, and they continue to deliver durable, high-performance equipment. Over their decades in the industry, Gorman-Rupp has grown to offer almost 3,000 pump products plus service centers worldwide.

Browse Gorman-Rupp Equipment
GreenMech Rental Equipment


As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from GreenMech and other brands.

Browse GreenMech Equipment
Haulotte Rental Equipment


Founded in 1881, Haulotte manufactures material- and people-lifting products for both indoor and outdoor applications.


Browse Haulotte Equipment
Heat King Rental Equipment

Heat King

Heat King offers reliable work site heating solutions that deliver powerful and efficient results every time. Products from Heat King have a wide range of applications and are simple and safe to operate.

Browse Heat King Equipment
Heide-Pumpen GmbH Rental Equipment

Heide-Pumpen GmbH

Heide-Pumpen GmbH — or simply Heide-Pumpen — is a pumping equipment company based in Germany. Since its founding in 1979, the company has expanded its product line to include a variety of drainage pumps.

Browse Heide-Pumpen GmbH Equipment
Hilti Rental Equipment


Since the beginning, Hilti has been dedicated to innovation and excellence for the clients and industries they serve. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, Hilti has played a vital role in developing equipment for many different trade industries.

Browse Hilti Equipment
Husqvarna Rental Equipment


Founded in 1620, Husqvarna started out manufacturing rifles for Swedish royalty. In 1918, the company began producing lawnmowers, and Husqvarna has been offering landscaping and related equipment ever since.

Browse Husqvarna Equipment
Hy-Brid Lifts Rental Equipment

Hy-Brid Lifts

As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Hy-Brid Lifts and other brands.

Browse Hy-Brid Lifts Equipment
Hydrema Rental Equipment


The Hydrema brand has made its mark on the industry as the sole provider of earthmoving equipment based in Denmark. This privately owned company started in 1959 as a manufacturer of hydraulic and heating equipment. Since then, it has moved on to developing and selling other products, such as backhoe loaders and dump trucks.

Browse Hydrema Equipment
JLG Rental Equipment


Our JLG aerial lift platforms that will help you complete your projects quickly, efficiently and safely.


Browse JLG Equipment
Karcher Rental Equipment


When German engineer Alfred Karcher founded the company in 1935, it was the beginning of a worldwide manufacturing leader. Over the years, the company grew to become a worldwide team of over 12,000, focused on creating innovative solutions for diverse markets.

Browse Karcher Equipment
Kroll Rental Equipment


Kroll Energy is a manufacturer of heating, cooling, dehumidifying and air condensing technologies. The company was established in 1963 and is based in Germany. Today, it is internationally recognized as an industry leader due to decades of experience.

Browse Kroll Equipment
LayMor Rental Equipment


Founded in 1977 in Seguin, Texas, LayMor has built a reputation for engineering innovative, dependable construction sweepers. Today, the company manufactures models you can use for road sweeping, parking lot sweeping, turf sweeping and more.

Browse LayMor Equipment
Ledwell and Son Rental Equipment

Ledwell and Son

Since its founding in Texarkana, Texas, in 1946, Ledwell and Son has grown to become a leading manufacturer of custom truck bodies and trailers for construction, energy, material handling, transportation and many other applications.

Browse Ledwell and Son Equipment
Lincoln Electric Rental Equipment

Lincoln Electric

While Lincoln Electric is best known for its welders, the company also offers expertise in cutting equipment, automation and accessories. Learn more today.

Browse Lincoln Electric Equipment
Magni Rental Equipment


The Cat Rental Store offers a complete line of Magni telehandler rentals to meet your construction needs. Contact us today to learn more about these products.

Browse Magni Equipment
Makita Rental Equipment


Makita is a leading manufacturer of professional cordless outdoor power equipment. The company has more than 100 years of experience, over 40 of which are in cordless technology.

Browse Makita Rental Equipment
MBW Rental Equipment


Machine Builders of Wisconsin — better known as MBW — began 50 years ago with its invention of a low-maintenance vibratory plate compactor. The company's founders were experts in soil compaction and mechanical vibration and combined their skills to create vibratory plates.

Browse MBW Equipment
MEC Rental Equipment


Based in Kerman, California, MEC has been designing and manufacturing innovative, reliable lift equipment since the 1970s. Today, the company offers a line of high-quality scissor lifts and boom lifts known for their award-winning design features and safe performance.

Browse MEC Equipment
Mi-T-M Corporation Rental Equipment


Founded in Peosta, Iowa, in 1971, Mi-T-M produces high-quality products for heavy-duty industrial needs in several sectors. They are committed to delivering exceptional performance, value, and dependability for every application.

Browse Mi-T-M Equipment
Miller Electric Rental Equipment

Miller Electric

As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Miller Electric and other brands.


Browse Miller Electric Equipment
MTA Distributors Rental Equipment

MTA Distributors

Find quality rental equipment from MTA Distributors when you partner with The Cat Rental Store. Visit our website to browse products and find a dealer.

Browse MTA Distributors Equipment
Multiquip Rental Equipment


Multiquip, Inc. is one of the largest providers of industrial machinery on the market. Serving the construction and power industries since 1973, the company has grown into a major market leader thanks to its wide commercial reach.

Browse Multiquip Equipment
No Ramp Trailers Rental Equipment

No Ramp Trailers

Founded in 2009, No Ramp Trailers provides trailer solutions that eliminate the need for a ramp. This means easier and safer access to the trailer bed. Their patented trailer beds make loading and unloading convenient and secure during any task.

Browse No Ramp Trailers Equipment
Paclite Equipment

Paclite Equipment

Find quality Paclite Equipment rental options for your construction work at The Cat Rental Store. Call or contact us online today to learn more or get a quote.

Browse Paclite Equipment
Polaris Rental Equipment


As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Polaris and other brands.


Browse Polaris Equipment
Portacool Rental Equipment


Portacool has made portable evaporative cooling equipment since 1990. The brand is known worldwide for its quality-made machines that effectively create a cool and comfortable environment.

Browse Portacool Equipment
Browse Powermoon Equipment


POWERMOON® is a leading manufacturer of lighting balloons that provide visibility in a broad range of industrial operations. For over 20 years, they've created innovative solutions for portable lighting challenges at various work sites, from road construction zones to emergency response areas.

Browse Powermoon Equipment
Pramac Group Rental Equipment

Pramac Group

Pramac Group is a leader in power generation equipment. The company was founded in 1966 in Italy as a construction equipment supplier. Today, Pramac Group's focus is on the energy and material handling sectors.

Browse Pramac Group Equipment
Pro-Tec Rental Equipment


Pro-Tec Equipment is a North American leader in developing shoring and shielding equipment for heavy-duty applications. Find the right equipment for you.

Browse Pro-Tec Equipment
Schwamborn Rental Equipment


A German manufacturing company, Schwamborn offers high-tech equipment for broad applications, from trowelling and grinding to milling and cleaning floors. The company began in 1935 and has served clients' needs worldwide ever since.

Browse Schwamborn Equipment
Skyjack Rental Equipment


Working at heights requires aerial lift equipment that allows workers to perform their duties efficiently and safely. The Cat Rental Store carries an extensive inventory of rental equipment form Skyjack that offers the ideal solution.

Browse Skyjack Equipment
Snorkel Lifts Rental Equipment

Snorkel Lifts

Find quality aerial left rentals from Snorkel Lifts at The Cat Rental Store to handle temporary lift needs. Browse our website and request a quick quote today.

Browse Snorkel Lifts Equipment
Solar Technology Rental Equipment

Solar Technology

Solar Technology delivers innovative solutions to traffic control challenges in areas undergoing construction or maintenance. With high-tech products to address the construction industry's needs, they aim to deliver dependable ways to ensure a safe work environment.

Browse Solar Technology Equipment
Sullair Rental Equipment


Sullair has been offering the most innovative and efficient compressed air solutions since 1965. Sullair rental equipment from The Cat Rental Store near you will exceed your expectations for reliability, durability and performance.

Browse Sullair Equipment
Tamarack Industries Rental Equipment

Tamarack Industries

As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Tamarack Industries and other brands.

Browse Tamarack Industries Equipment
Taylor-Dunn Rental Equipment

Taylor-Dunn Rental Equipment

As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Taylor-Dunn and other brands.

Browse Taylor-Dunn Equipment
Tennant Rental Equipment


As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Tennant and other brands.

Browse Tennant Equipment
Thompson Pump Rental Equipment

Thompson Pump Rental Equipment

As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Thompson Pump and other brands.

Browse Thompson Pump Equipment
Toro Rental Equipment


Founded in 1914, Toro has a long history of manufacturing advanced, innovative solutions for outdoor environments. Toro products help customers improve their productivity and enrich the beauty and sustainability of their land.

Browse Toro Equipment
TowerLight Rental Equipment


TowerLight began in 1997 manufacturing lighting systems to work with electric generators. They soon became a successful light tower manufacturer, creating innovative lighting solutions to meet the demanding applications of the industries they served.

Browse TowerLight Equipment
Towmaster Rental Equipment


Towmaster has been serving major industries for over 40 years, manufacturing safe and dependable flatbed trailers for businesses. Learn more today!

Browse Towmaster Equipment
Trimble Rental Equipment


Founded in 1978, Trimble produces innovative positioning and navigation products for many different industries. They've been leaders in offering equipment that fits demanding applications in the field, from mapping and GIS to transportation management.

Browse Trimble Equipment
USM Rentals Rental Equipment

USM Rentals

Since 1990, USM Rentals has gained a reputation for their quality equipment options and excellent service, establishing the company as a leader throughout the United States and Canada.

Browse USM Rentals Equipment
Valew Rental Equipment


Valew sets the standard for industrial trucks and trailers with a focus on innovation and creativity. You can find some of the top products from Valew in our massive inventory of OEM equipment.

Browse Valew Equipment
Vermeer Rental Equipment


Founded in 1948, Vermeer has been manufacturing innovative industrial and agricultural equipment for three generations. Vermeer products help contractors in niche markets tackle tough jobs in creative ways.

Browse Vermeer Equipment
Wacker Neuson Rental Equipment

Wacker Neuson

Wacker Neuson has a long history that started in 1848 when its founder Johann Christian Wacker opened a blacksmith shop in Germany. Later, Wacker entered the industrial setting and began manufacturing concrete and compaction equipment.

Browse Wacker Neuson Equipment
Wanco Rental Equipment


As your one-stop source for all your equipment rental needs, The Cat Rental Store offers a wide variety of products from Wanco and other brands.

Browse Wanco Equipment
Weber MT Rental Equipment

Weber MT

Weber MT has been serving the North American market since it was first founded more than 30 years ago. Rent equipment for your next project.

Browse Weber MT Equipment
Western Global Rental Equipment

Western Global

Western Global is a reliable source for high-quality fluid solutions that you can use to enhance both industrial productivity and safety. Learn more today.

Browse Western Global Equipment
Xtreme Rental Equipment

Xtreme Rental Equipment

Xtreme Manufacturing is well-known for developing high-quality construction equipment, including loaders, telehandlers and industrial cubes. Learn more.

Browse Xtreme Equipment