Cat® Detect

Cat® Detect

The safety of your crew and equipment should always be a top priority. Cat® Detect technology helps reduce the dangerous risks at job sites. Cat Detect uses vehicle cameras and tracking to improve an operator's awareness of the area around their equipment.

Cat Detect Technology Features

Cat Detect makes operators conscious of their surroundings and automatically prevents engagement in unsafe conditions. Cat Detect is available in many safety management system options:

  • Proximity sensing systems: These systems use electric fences (e-fences) to limit machine movement in tight spaces, making them less likely to harm other equipment or crew members.
  • Closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems: The cameras show operators what equipment and personnel are in the area around their equipment to provide a better view and eliminate blind spots. If something comes near the machine while working, the system will alert the operator. There are heavy-duty, build-to-fit and light-duty camera options.
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) systems: RFID tags are attached to personnel on the ground as well as fixed objects. If a tag gets too close to the machine while operating, an external speaker and in-cab alarm will alert the ground workers and the operator.
  • Object detection systems:  Radar technology detects objects at the rear, front and sides of the equipment. The onboard cameras show operators how far away these objects are so that they can see potential hazards.
  • Machine security systems: Set up your equipment to require a passcode or special electronic key before its operation. This control ensures only qualified crew can operate the machine.

Cat Detect is available for most new and existing Cat equipment and machinery from other brands. If your model did not come with Cat Detect technology, aftermarket and retrofit solutions are available from your local dealer.

Benefits of Cat Detect in Your Equipment

These are a few of the advantages of Cat Detect technology:

  • Makes operations safer: Since operators have a better awareness of their surroundings, the job site is safer for machinery and ground crew.
  • Decreases accidents and injuries: A safe work environment will have fewer instances of equipment damage and personnel injuries.
  • Reduces costs: Cat Detect pays for itself with the cost savings it provides. Reduce or eliminate your spending on incidents, equipment damage and production loss and realize higher profits.
  • Improves productivity: Operators can concentrate on their tasks, trusting that the Cat Detect technology system will alert them to hazardous situations.

Learn More About Cat Detect From Your Local Dealer

Security for your personnel and equipment is essential, and Cat Detect will help make operations safer. This technology protects equipment, operators and crew members on the ground, so everyone and everything at the job site stays secure and runs smoothly with minimal downtime. Your local Cat dealer will help you determine which Cat Detect system is right for you and train your crew to gain the full benefits of this technology.

Ask your local dealer about installing Cat Detect in your equipment. Find a Cat dealer near you to request more information today.

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