Cat® Grade Control

Cat® Grade Control

Tasks such as laying asphalt, leveling an area or digging a foundation require precise grading, ideally in as few passes as possible. Operators with any level of experience can realize higher grading productivity with Cat® Grade Control technology. Cat Grade Control automates machine control and functions with advanced guidance to grade faster and more accurately. As a result, operations are simplified and improved.

Features and Applications of Grade Control Technology

Cat Grade Control technology helps your crew stay competitive in an industry that values efficiency, productivity and high profits. This technology has one or both of these key functions:

  • Guidance: A visual display in the cab guides operators by providing feedback, such as where to fill and cut.
  • Control: The technology controls the bucket or blade to reduce, if not eliminate, manual work.

These functions are integrated standard features for some machines, allowing the equipment to level surfaces intuitively. This product is also available in two configurations:

  • 2D: This system works on flat planes and slopes and uses an external reference point. It requires less infrastructure and is best for consistent job applications and conditions.
  • 3D: 3D systems use an internal point of reference to handle complex curves like contours, planes and slopes. Use of 3D capability requires additional infrastructure and is ideal for fluctuating job conditions and applications.

A 2D system can be upgraded to 3D if your crew takes on more complicated projects requiring the advanced features.

Cat Grade Control comes standard on Cat Next Generation excavators and dozers and is available on select models of:

  • Excavators
  • Multi terrain loaders
  • Scrapers
  • Skid steer loaders
  • Motor graders
  • Paving equipment
  • Dozers

Benefits of Cat Grade Control Products

Having Cat Grade Control in your equipment allows you to secure numerous advantages: 

  • Eliminate rework: Cat Grade Control will help you get the tough leveling jobs done by achieving finished grade in fewer passes. It can improve your grading efficiency by up to 45% and prevent the need for costly rework.
  • Reduce fuel consumption: By completing the grading work more efficiently, your equipment will use less fuel, saving you consumption and costs.
  • Increase accuracy: Grade control technology is more accurate at grading and compacting than manual efforts, so the results are more reliable.
  • Lessen operator fatigue: This technology helps operators of all experience levels. New operators can complete grading tasks quickly, and experienced crew members can work more efficiently than ever before.
  • Save money: Using grade control technology can save tens of thousands of dollars on your project by reducing the time and expense required to grade the area.

Ask Your Local Dealer About Cat Grade Control Today

Cat Grade Control is a valuable tool that improves productivity and profits. Operators of all experience levels can take advantage of this automated, guided technology to work more efficiently and complete projects faster. Your local Cat dealer will help you determine if your project needs grade control technology, including which system to purchase.

Talk to your local experts today about our grade control technology and how you can benefit. Locate the nearest dealer on our website to request more information or rent equipment with Cat Grade Control.

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