Blade Attachment Rentals

Do you need to transport material around your jobsites quickly and efficiently? A blade attachment can transform a piece of heavy equipment into a powerful pushing machine that can move mounds of mulch, dirt, trash, gravel, sand and more.

The Cat® Rental Store is your source for a wide variety of blade rentals that will provide a perfect temporary solution. With more than 1,300 stores worldwide, you shouldn't have to look far for a convenient location near you.

We Feature an Assortment of Cat® Blade Rentals

The Cat Rental Store offers high-quality Cat blade attachments for rent that can boost the performance, versatility and productivity of your heavy equipment. Our inventory includes:

  • Angle blades: Use an angle blade with your compact Cat equipment to move materials such as dirt, livestock waste and gravel with ease.
  • Coal U-blades: These blades will move coal efficiently at power plants or to and from stockpiles.
  • Cushion dozer blades: These dozer blade rentals feature a heavy-duty design for pushing track-type tractors or load scrapers.
  • Dozer blade rental: A bulldozer blade rental offers a rugged design and construction for light dozing applications and rough and finish grading jobs involving gravel or dirt.
  • Landfill U-blades: These powerful multi-purpose blades can perform tasks such as dozing, digging, pushing and covering materials.
  • Reclamation U-blades: With a larger capacity than standard U-blades, this work tool attachment can reclaim mine soil piles.
  • Variable radius semi U-blades: Use these blade rentals for applications such as general construction, site development and soil conservation.
  • Woodchip U-blades: The innovative wing configuration enables this blade to knock down and load stacks of woodchips quickly and efficiently.
  • Box blades: This Cat blade rental can handle heavy-duty grading and leveling tasks on roadways, parking lots, large commercial properties and more.

When Should You Consider a Blade Rental?

Renting a blade for your heavy equipment can help you find a cost-effective temporary solution for your project and jobsite requirements. You can transform one-dimensional machines into multi-use units that will add value to your business. You also won't have to worry about storing equipment when it's not in use or paying for maintenance and repairs. And renting a late-model attachment featuring advanced Caterpillar technologies can help your crews get more work done in less time.

Why Rent From The Cat Rental Store?

The experts at The Cat Rental Store understand your business and blade rental needs. We'll make sure you get the right product for your applications and budget. We'll also get your rental unit to you quickly so you can keep your projects on schedule. And we'll even take care of all maintenance and repairs, including 24/7 emergency service.

Explore Your Cat Blade Rental Options Today

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