Cat® equipment telematics


Construction telematics technology is driving the next generation of equipment intelligence and operational efficiency. Designed to enhance productivity, safety, and asset protection and allocation, telematics can support all aspects of construction equipment management.

Uses of Telematics

Telematics combines GPS location tracking, equipment performance and condition monitoring to help fleet managers and crews make informed decisions about assets on the job site. As a result, telematics systems make operations more efficient, reduce costs and avoid unplanned interruptions or accidents.

Telematics supplies information about construction equipment such as the following:

  • Equipment location
  • Incident reports
  • Fuel burn
  • Idle and working hours
  • Diagnostic codes
  • Preventative maintenance schedules

This data is stored in a central database and remotely accessible for timely insights anytime.

Benefits of Construction Equipment Telematics

Construction telematics allows companies to:

  • Improve distribution of equipment at a project site and control fleet size and costs.
  • Optimize fuel consumption and efficiency by referencing idle times and exhaust data.
  • Monitor key parameters of equipment health and stay proactive with service and maintenance.
  • Identify counterproductive operator habits like overloading equipment, driving erratically and other hazardous behaviors.
  • Provide accurate job estimates by factoring in working hours from past projects.
  • Prevent asset theft through geo-fencing.

Telematics can assist companies of any size. If you're a larger business with heavy equipment working at several different locations, analytics centralizes all that project data for you. If you run a smaller operation, you can reduce wasted fuel, increase uptime and submit more competitive bids to help your company grow. Every organization can benefit from the use, maintenance and security data that telematics shares about the fleet.

Activate Telematics With Cat® Product Link™

Product Link telematics is available in many new Cat® equipment models, and retrofitting is easy. It requires a simple hardware installation within your equipment and facilitates wireless communication via Bluetooth, satellite or cellular network. Product Link also scales easily whether it's installed on one piece of equipment or throughout the fleet.

You can activate Cat telematics with a subscription and access your equipment's telematics data through The Cat Rental Store customer portal, your account or the Cat App for Android and iOS devices. You can also receive daily performance updates about your registered products.

By harnessing valuable telematics data from your job site, you'll have the insights to stay competitive in an ever-evolving market. Locate your nearest dealer to ask about adding Cat equipment that leverages telematics to your fleet.

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