Ripper Attachment Rentals

A Cat® excavator is a valuable machine that can do many things for your company. One way you can take advantage of your excavator's versatility is by adding a ripper attachment. A ripper is a claw-like work tool that can tear into hard ground and loosen tightly compacted soil and other materials. Using a ripper is much more cost-effective and has less of an environmental impact than employing explosive excavation techniques.

The Cat Rental Store is where you can get a high-quality ripper rental attachment you can use with your Cat excavator. Use your Cat ripper rental for tasks such as site preparation and land clearing in mining, quarrying and other high-impact digging operations. An excavator equipped with a quick coupler will allow you to make a fast switch between the ripper and a rock bucket for maximum efficiency. You'll be able to loosen and load materials with the same machine.

Select From a Variety of Cat® Ripper Rental Attachments

Caterpillar manufactures its rippers in various shank lengths to meet a wide range of jobsite requirements. They're made from Hardox 400, a tough, abrasion-resistant steel material that provides excellent wear protection. Gussets on the top plate enable the ripper to withstand side loads. The curved shape makes the tool compatible with thumbs for enhanced material handling capability.

The experts at The Cat Rental Store can help you explore all your Cat ripper rental options so you can make an informed decision. We can also provide helpful tips on how to use the ripper with your heavy equipment to complete your projects efficiently.

A Ripper Rental Can Offer Many Benefits

You might not require a ripper for every job, but renting gives you the flexibility to pay for one only when you need it. When you rent a ripper from The Cat Rental Store, you'll get a late-model tool that will meet your performance expectations. Renting also allows you to satisfy a temporary production increase or replace equipment that's in the shop for repairs. If you're looking for ways to cut expenses, renting helps you avoid costs such as maintenance, storage, insurance and depreciation.

The Cat Rental Store Will Maximize Your Renting Experience

If you've had unsatisfactory experiences renting from other suppliers, you're in for a welcome change at The Cat Rental Store. Besides offering high-quality products from Caterpillar and other leading manufacturers, we'll provide top-notch support and ensure you receive flexible rental terms that fit your timeframe and budget. We'll also take care of all maintenance and repair issues for as long as you use the rental. And with more than 1,300 locations worldwide, there's a store near you that can deliver the fast, reliable service you demand and deserve.

Add a Ripper Rental to Your Heavy Equipment Fleet

Rent the ripper you need from an equipment supplier that will do whatever it takes. Give The Cat Rental Store a call at 1-800-RENT-CAT to learn more about our ripper rental offerings. You can also browse our entire inventory online and contact us for a quick quote.

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